Friday, June 28, 2013

Burlap Bouquet

I turned into Martha Stewart for an hour yesterday and handcrafted a bouquet of burlap roses. The best part, I didn't spend a single dime.

Supplies I used:

1 real genuine burlap potato sack (salvaged from the barn at my grandparents house)

hot glue gun

pinking sheers

broken off long wooden match sticks

a jelly jar


*Pandora reggae music station playing in background (Matisyahu)

Few things make me happier than burlap, reggae, and being thrifty with supplies on-hand. I'm pretty pleased with the final outcome!

Here is the link to the on-line tutorial I used as a rough guide. Clearly, I improvised.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm eating cookie dough for breakfast. Again. But, its okay because its oatmeal raisin and I used whole wheat flour. So its HEALTHY! That's my justification.

My summer started out with me being super house, doing morning yoga, cooking meals, reading chapters at a time of my book- All in one day! Now I might do one of those productive things per day.

Here's an update in list form:

1. I've been spending lots of time with this dude. My main squeeze, Whelan. I think he loves me being home. We play chase with the tennis ball and the laser light. Also, take naps.

2. I've talked Josh into Thursday night yoga dates. He's a good sport and we always go jump in the pool in our sweaty yoga clothes afterwards.

3. On weekends, we drink too much wine and cook delicious food. Here is one of our best meals thus far: Filets topped with mushrooms and onions, bacon wrapped sesame asparagus, chili lime grilled corn on the cob, and a summer arugula salad from Kasey's blog. Check it out.

4. I spent Father's Day on Wassaw and burnt the back of my legs to a crisp. I can't do 7 hour beach days like the rest of my family. Its not for me.

5. Grama came over for lunch one day and I cooked the healthiest meal imaginable. Then, she went to the hospital the next day...oops. (Its was unrelated and all is well!!) Anyway....Red lentils, sauteed greens (swiss chard & spinach), sliced avocado, topped with hummus and toasted walnuts. Its brain food. Packed with Omega 3's!

6. There was a leak in our garage and the ceiling fell clean onto the floor. Thankfully dad hooked me up with a good plumber & it was fixed in no time.

7.My new favorite restaurant is Blowin Smoke. I went twice in one weekend. Fried pickles, honey jalapeno margaritas, live music, outdoor atmosphere, dog friendly, enough said.

8. Most recent stop was Hilton Head to visit my old friend, Kendall. We packed lunches, sunblocked up, hauled the tent and chairs and floats to the beach, then packed it right back up about 20 minutes later. Looming black clouds fooled us. It never rained. Not a drop. But, it worked out okay because we ate our lunches in a sand-free environment, then went to Goodwill where she acted as my personal shopper and I racked up. I always love her taste and since she's super pregnant right now, she just picked out clothes for me!

More updates to come!