Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Coffee Shop Musings

I came to Starbucks to play on the computer and I ended up doing something that Josh fusses at me for all the time: eavesdropping. I know how terrible that sounds, but really I'm just curious. I intend no harm! I can people watch or people "listen" (in this case), all day.

Anyway, my entry into Starbucks was interesting. Before I made it in the door, I had a guy who claimed to be a chef at the Pink House stop me and tell me that he ran out of gas and needs a couple dollars. He also claimed that he had his son in the car. As I kept walking up to Starbucks, I told him I was sorry...no money.  Of course, he seemed a little put-out with me. On the off chance that he was actually telling the truth, I do feel bad about it, but I'm a girl...in a parking lot...by myself. Had to keep my distance.

Once I made it in safely, I witnessed the poor new cashier getting mildly reamed by her boss for making someone else's drink before taking my order. I always feel sorry for people in training who are getting corrected in front of the customer. In the boss' defense, I know its annoying to have to train someone. It just sucks all the way around. The new lady slapped a smile on her face, apologized to her boss, and took my order. Good for her. I probably would've had tears in my eyes. **super-sensitive**

One of my favorite things to do when I have extra time (ex: summertime) is to chillax at a coffee shop & chat with friends. I feel like some of the best conversations are born here. Tonight, I decided to come here solo, which is also fine by me. As I mentioned before, its a people watching mecca. Besides, the music here is my favorite. I had a gift card to Starbucks from one of my students and I decided tonight would be a good time to use it. Grande S'mores Frappucino. Yes, please. I can see myself coming back here doing much of the same thing until my gift card runs dry.

Until next time!