Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Three lines you overheard today that were graces. I've gotta admit....today's Joy Dare was a little harder than the others. My ears were straining to overhear graces today, but the ones that graced me were more direct.

The first one I knew would be coming. Its an old standby, but today I was listening and hoping for it. I wanted to be sure that I could add it to my list. Sure enough, "Miss Wilson- you look beautiful today," from the mouth of a blond- haired, blue- eyed little boy in our class. I could roll out of bed and come to school wearing a trash bag and he'd still tell me I looked beautiful. I realized today that I've come to look forward to his routine compliment. Yes, it is a grace.

Second one came from my favorite yoga teacher, Stephanie. As I was preparing for yoga class tonight, she stopped me out of nowhere and said, "I've been meaning to tell you- I love seeing you here. It's just nice that you come all the time" I wanted to tell her that I come to class because I love it and I need it. Its not really negotiable. But instead I kind of got a little choked up to be quite honest!! And I think I said, "Thank you! That makes me feel good!" It didn't hit me until I was holding half-pigeon pose towards the end of class that I realized she had just given me another grace to add to my blog. They say those hip openers bring up all kinds of emotions. The stuff in your mind really starts to surface. And tonight it did!

And number three....I wish I had a number three. I'm thinking, hard. Not that this is a grace, but I did over hear my favorite airplane-loving 6 year old use the word "unfortunately" in perfect context today. Something along the lines of: "The space shuttle was about to take off, but unfortunately it's engine failed." That just made me smile. He has the vocabulary of a college professor and it catches me off guard every time. What a character he is.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Gifts

Remember awhile back when I blogged about the Joy Dare from the book One Thousand Gifts? The book that I have yet to read. My plan was to have another entry done before now, but ... such is life. March is nearly gone and I've posted a whopping two times for this entire month. And nothing related to the Joy Dare.

Well, today I'm feelin' the joy so here it is. Find: 1) A gift outside  2) a gift inside  3) a gift on a plate

Excuse my lack of originality on this one, but my gift from outside is a perfect, pink sunset. It doesn't get old to me, ever. This view from my room has spoiled me rotten and I fear that I will never live complacently anywhere else after looking out my bedroom window to this everyday.

 "Give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full -dazzling"
-Walt Whitman

My gift inside would have to be my Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle colored kitchen walls. Going from "picnic table blue plaid" wallpaper to a bright and lively green makes my life better. This is just a sneak peak so you can get an idea of the color. I need to do a before/after blog of the whole room once it is complete! Its been a bit of a process.

Gift on a plate? I have 2. You know I could do more. First is the Greek 7 Layer Dip. Done and Done. You want the recipe? Oh sure...click HERE. I've made two batches already. Its what's for dinner. And lunch tomorrow. I finished off the last batch over the weekend after shamelessly dipping pita chips in it each time I passed through the kitchen. I don't think I ever ate a full meal. Just Greek dip upon Greek dip.

2nd is "gift in a carton" and it is Praline Crunch Almond Milk Ice Cream. YESSSS. I admit that my health kicks are sporadic and they last for only a couple weeks at a time. But, for my non-diary kick, this is the way to go. I may even prefer it over regular ice cream! This was my splurge when I was scanning the organic money sucking section of Kroger tonight. It is....a dream.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


In a matter of hours, I've gone from being completely adamant that I will not attend the St. Patricks Day parade tomorrow to trying on a few green outfits, specifically my new green pants, and thinking....I must go. It would be a sin to miss the festivities. I'm from Savannah for crying out loud. And I really love my new green pants. Plus, my Sally Hansen Grass Slippers nail polish would go to waste if I didn't join the masses. Iced Irish coffee struck me as a superb drink for the morning's events. A special trip to the grocery store was made. Ofcourse the Piggly Wiggly did not stock what I had in mind, so I improvised with a 4 pack of Frappacino's which will be mixed with a tid bit of rum for breakfast!

I drank a Frappaccino for dessert tonight (minus the rum). Not a good idea. Its now 1:45 AM and I've been zoned into Pinterest for the past....hour? Maybe more? and listening to Kilo Ali. "Some of y'all done lost y'all mind" Oh, highschool days, take me back!

Grama got a good dose of me running my mouth on the phone tonight. I think she would like for me to drink coffee more often so I'll tell her all the stories from the day that flit through my mind.

On my caffeine high, I chased Whelan around the room trying to get a good Erin Go Bragh picture. This was the best I could do. That sucker is fast and he doesn't like the ribbon.

If you're gonna be at the parade tomorrow- I hope to see you down there! Amongst the millions.

- Caroline

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grocery Trip Gone Wrong (or right)

One Monday after work (and without a pre-grocery store snack) you may go to Fresh Market for something simple like, hmm....let's say 2 red pears and some fresh ground almond butter. 

You will remember that crackers for lunch were on your list. Before making it to the cracker aisle, you may swing by the deli where this "baba ganoosh" beckons you as a topping for your cracker.

Sweet Potato Tots?? Like the kind they serve in the cafeteria.....the kind that you always snag off the kids' plates because they never eat them....except fresh this time?? Yes please.

Oh, there are those olives! The stuffed kind. Like when you were babysitting the other night and you held back from eating one out of the parent's fridge because they looked too expensive to snack on? Indulge...

You will then remember the date coconut rolls that were your favorite dessert back when you did the Clean Diet. Surely they'll be just as good now that you're off the cleanse. Right?

Then you think better of it and throw in some semi- sweet chocolate chips in case the dates don't quite do the trick. You needed them anyway when you went to bake cookies over the weekend and realized there were none to be found. 

And just a small snack for the ride home. Maybe some....Pirate's Booty? 

Then you will get home and not want the healthy dinner you went to Fresh Market in order to prepare because you ate 3/4 of the bag of white cheddar rice puffs (aka: Pirate's Booty) on the ride home.

The End.

Sound familiar? Somebody please say yes.