Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 5 of 2014

One of my favorite year end reflections is to see which blog posts got the most love. Here they are in the countdown:

#5: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

#4: My Little Sister's Engagement

#3: The Innerworkings of my Brain

#2: Blah

And the  #1 blog post of 2014...


December, Where Did You Go?

Well, I blinked and its almost 2015. Usually I'm ready to take down my Christmas decorations as soon as the event is over, but not this year. My tree is just now starting to smell like it is supposed to, I love staring at the lights, and I get lost in thinking about the stories behind each ornament. So sappy. At school, I knocked out some of my Pinterest crafts with the little ones. Pretty adorable. Since I have K and 1st this year, its fun to go back to the world where Santa is real, watching Polar Express, field trips to the mall for them to see Santa, and the loads of gifts they give just because you are their teacher.

I was ready for Christmas really early this year for some reason. I had my Christmas cards sent out on Dec 1 and most of my shopping done by then as well. My tree was set up early and all of the decorations were unpacked. Honestly, it made for a longer month because I didn't feel the regular hustle and bustle of the season. I'm not sure that I liked it. I sort of enjoy shopping closer to "go-time."

One of my favorite times this month was having a craft day over at my friend, Julie's.  She made hot cocoa and cookies, I brought over some cheese and crackers. We wore our comfiest yoga pants and no makeup. I painted her dining room tables and chairs while she made jewelry and Nicole cut up old t-shirts to make workout tanks. The movie Elf played in the background. I couldn't have asked for more.

The long awaited Christmas break finally began and I've been sleeping til 11:00 on most days. I can't tell you how much I cherish my sleep. This has been just the re-charge I needed. We kicked it off with my dad's birthday at Taca for some sushi and then to LuLu's Chocolate Bar where I (stop the presses) didn't order dessert. I was so full! We all had the best time & I actually convinced my dad to come to yoga with me. I'm sure the booze helped with my convincing and his consenting, but he has been with me twice since then!! I always love a yoga buddy.

Josh and I went to the Civic Center for some Christmas Eve ice skating. Thank goodness we came and went with no major injuries. He talked a big game before we got there saying that he was going to need room for his triple axle, then as we are getting on the ice he says he hasn't been ice skating since he was in high school. I guess it's like riding a bike because he picked it right back up. There was one time when he fell though.... sprawled out on his belly and it knocked the wind out of him. I tried not to laugh but when he looked up his eyes were as big as saucers. He just lay there stunned. That sure didn't stop him though because long after I retired the skates, he went back out for round two and stayed until the bitter end.  I think he was the only adult left on the ice trying to spin some tricks. Then on the way home we had to discuss technique. This happens after every sporting event he participates in: dissection of technique.

Christmas Day was perfect as always. Every year I feel incredibly blessed to have each person in my family there, happy and healthy. That was the best gift of all. As the years go by and everyone gets older, traditions start to change. For now, I am relishing in the last years of our 30- year traditions still going strong. So blessed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hope you have the Merriest Christmas Ever!

Caroline & Whelan 2014

(He was not merry this year)