Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bible Study: Long Overdue

I've had this Beth Moore bible study book for about two years now (maybe more) and have yet to finish it. It's called Beloved Disciple: The Life and Ministry of John. Its an interactive study and I've had it on my mind lately to sit down and work through a lesson. Just as life tends to go, sneaky old Satan pulls me away. Dishes need to be done, phone rings, better pack my lunch for tomorrow, let me finish looking at this ONE Pinterest board, etc...etc...you get the idea.

This past Sunday Josh and I had planned on making it to a church service, but I got sick and it ended up being a day on the couch instead. I think that was Satan's way of saying..."Oh no, she's up."

Well, tonight I had a change of plans and ended up with a night to myself. I settled in, dug out my Beth Moore book, and it was exactly what I needed. I feel refreshed and renewed. If only I could make this my routine!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mom

How do I love my mom, let me count the ways:
1) She is the most hard working woman I know. 

2) She makes every holiday super special by decorating the house, sending me cards in the mail, going all out on delicious meals, and putting lots of thought and effort into gift giving.

3) Back to the delicious meals...she can re-create almost anything she eats at a restaurant just by tasting it once and doing some trial and error in the kitchen. Wish I had that kind of palate!

4) Sometimes people ask us if we are sisters. Good for her, bad for me. She doesn't age and I hope those genes get passed along to me.

5) She has taught me all I know about how to be a "lady," and most times I hated her for it, but I can look back now and say that I'm thankful she did. From dating advice to writing thank you notes to table manners, she's the one who always stayed on my case.

6) I can always count on her having some kind of treat for me when I go to her house, whether it be extra toiletries she picked up for me at CVS while she was out, or a cute dress she saw at TJMaxx & thought I might like it. 

7) She keeps a clean house even though she works umpteen hours a week. As I've been on my own, I find this impossible to do... 

8) She can carry on a conversation with just about anyone. A gift I never received. 

9) Hospitality suits her. She has turned into the hostess with the mostess. 

10) She does her own nails every Sunday night without fail. It always makes her look so put together. I'm trying to do better about doing my own nails, but I usually break down and get a pedicure.  (Prime example of why I hate doing my nails. This just happened.)

I could go on... but I'll save some for next year ;) 

Today Cathlin and I made her and my grandparents a brunch. Feast your eyes! We had a Spinach and Smoked Gruyere Quiche, French Toast Souffle, Jalapeno Hash Browns, Cream Cheese Grits, Fresh Fruit, and Bacon. 

Here are the two mothers:

And the chefs with mom:

Afterwards, the chefs passed out on the couch from all their hard work!