Friday, April 27, 2012

Living on Purpose

Tonight I ran across an old blog I started a couple years back. I wrote it with the intention of NO ONE reading it, so I never shared it on Facebook or anything of the sort. Maybe I wasn't brave enough then, who knows. Mainly I was keeping it for myself as an online journal, never realizing how valuable it was. Had it been written in a notebook, I most likely wouldn't be reading though it right now. Most of my real-life journals ( as in, notebooks, pen and paper, old school- NOT computerized) are packed away in boxes, probably for my kids to read someday. And for me to be embarrassed.

But I think I've done some growing up since then so I'm okay with sharing. When I re-read this excerpt from years ago I thought...hey, not bad. Did I write that? I never wanted to share my thoughts with others outside of my immediate circle because I was afraid they would judge. But from my recent blogging experience, most people have been so accepting of any thoughts that I share. You all can usually can relate to things I thought were only true of myself. I know there is still judgment out there....I do do it...we all do it. I suppose the key is to not allow others opinions of you define your self image. And as Bill Cosby says: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." I like that man.

So here's the excerpt: ( I was journaling through the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren)


"Living with purpose is the only way to really live"- PDL: I noticed a profound example of this when I was in the Bohemian hotel bar with my family tonight for mom's birthday. This single guy walked in and had this look of being very awkward and uncomfortable, yet trying to play it off. He shifted his weight to one side and kind of glanced to the back of the room as if he were looking for someone in particular, yet in his head he knew he was just scoping the place out to see if he could pull off hanging out up there. Maybe he was waiting for someone and trying not to look like it, who knows...but he had no purpose. On the other hand, the waiters and bartenders were carrying trays, wiping counter tops, filling glasses, meeting and greeting customers....all fulfilling some kind of purpose. They knew why they were there and had clear direction. The tilting guy was a poor lost soul. I know because I have been him. Tonight I wasn't him, so I could see it. Tonight I was there enjoying drinks with my family, fulfilling the purpose of being with the family on Mom's 54th birthday. I don't know where I am going with this, but it was crossed my mind quite clearly tonight. Doing things with PURPOSE is the best way to do them. Doing a thing called LIVING, is yet another "thing" we can do on purpose. trails off and I never really got to the part about my purpose. Go figure. But hey... use it as food for thought. 



  1. I really hope your future kids don't read your old diaries/notebooks.. or that I don't know them. haha

  2. Why, because you will be in them? :)

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