Sunday, September 10, 2017

Book Review: From Leading to Succeeding by Douglas Reeves

This was not a book of choice, but I am on the leadership team at school and we were are doing a book study on it so I may as well use it as my September book. Its had some good key points in it so far, but just as many dull parts that I don't give two hoots about.

I was chosen to give a review of chapter two, on Trust.

Here are my take away points from the entire book:

Introduction: Consider reflecting on one element each day of the weekending your wek with a reflcion on sustainability. What will endure after you are gone? Stephen Covey (1989) suggests that we write our own eulogies. What endures? I doubt you want someone to utter at your memorial service, 'She completed more than 80% of the goals of her strategic plan.'"
- pg 10

CH1: Purpose- "There is a difference between a score and an emotional engagement that ignites a passion of educators, students, parents, and communities. For example, a gain in scores may or may not be proficient, but a reduction in the drop out rate has a profound impact on a community. For every high school drop out avoided, communities gain in revenue- sales and property taxes, income taxes, housing and automobile sales, and so on- and avoid costs in social services, medical care, community policing, and incarceration."
- pg 14

CH3- Focus- "For a full week, keep a detailed record of how you spend your time. Many apps are available that can help you do this quickly and easily and create a pie chart showing your actual time allocation."
-Pg. 31