Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Move '16

I honestly don't think I have ever had so much fun helping someone MOVE. My friend, Mirek, is moving back to New York (yet again). He reached out for a little assistance and being the kind person that I am...I decided to lend a helping hand.

What started as me coming over to load up a few boxes turned into two solid days of excitement: a few lessons on hoarding, delicious lunches in historic Bluffton, sweating through many sets of clothing, countless water breaks, weeding through Realtors, finding naughty magazines that had been stashed away in boxes (the roommates'...not his), losing the keys to the Penske truck, his Hyundai sounding like a Lamborghini due to the faulty muffler, a popcorn ceiling gone bad, extreme laughter, trouble backing the Penske -with the car attached- into the driveway, giving up on backing into the driveway, and multiple trips to the dump where the "cardboard only" section gained some glass...among other non-cardboard items.

The difference in this experience compared to other moves I've made was Mirek's attitude. Instead of complaining about packing all of his belongings into a stifling hot truck in the 98 degree blazing sun and making multiple trips to the dump, he told me, "Its not everyday you get to drive a Penske truck & unload trash at the dump." He even made me take the Penske for a spin, just for the hell of it.

He repaid me with lunches and miscellaneous items from his garage, but in reality he paid me with the gift of not taking your days for granted. He reminded me that each day is what you make it. Thanks for being such a refreshing soul amidst the needless negativity in the world.