Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Long Weekend

Ever since school started I think blogging has fallen to the wayside. Notice the pattern...11 posts in July, anddddd back to 4 in August. Tonight will be a mini blog session to bring you back up to date. So here are the highlights in no particular order:

1) Babysitting: This Friday and Saturday night, I babysat. My wallet is now full of cash. Hallelujah. My social life may be lacking a little right now, but I'm okay with that. When I babysit, most kids usually go to bed around 8:30 anyway and I have the rest of the night to do whatever I want: read, pinterest, and facebook. Thats when the ideas flow...which leads me to the next point:

2) Boho Lace Headband: Saw this on Pinterest. Made it today. Sewing is not my forte so I had a little help from a friend. My friend is a boy who is good at sewing. I won't name names.

3) Ruffle Necklace: Yet another pinterest project that I made this week (with help from said good sewing helper). I've decided that if I'm going to "pin it" then I need to try and actually get around to DOING some of it. Atleast one project a week is my goal. (For those of you who haven't been introduced to Pinterest yet and may be confused, refer to this link and your addiction will begin.)

4) Forsyth Farmer's Market: I have recently gotten into the whole "farmers market" scene. Between me and you, I like the crowds there just as much as the fresh and local food. I've pretty much got the routine down pat. I bring my re-usable shopping bags, wear grungy clothes, and don't wash my hair before I go. Its "in" to be earthy. The only thing I'm missing is a dog on a leash. And, its my incentive for babysitting on Friday nights because I can have cash to spend at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. If I'm feeling really really gung-ho I'll bring a cooler to put my veggies in & go for a run around the park afterwards. Last weekend I got palm honey from Wilmington Island, tomatoes, nectarines, and basil. This weekend I came home with potatoes, zucchini, peaches, eggs, and cherry tomatoes.

5) Dinner- And this is what I made from my farmers market finds, with my babysitting money, all recipes found on Pinterest. (How do ya like that for tying all 3 bullet points together?) Panko Chicken stuffed with Ricotta, Spinach, Basil & Tomatoes and Zucchini fritters with tzatziki sauce.

5) Caedmon- My best friend Jenna and her husband Adam had their first baby this weekend. A little boy, Caedmon Charles, weighing in at 8lbs 1 oz. He is perfect!!! And I'm not saying that because I am biased. He really is a beautiful baby. I can't wait to meet him. As my grama said, "Jenna really took this whole Labor Day thing pretty seriously"

6) The Help- I accidentally ordered this book off Itunes, thinking I was buying the audio version so I could listen in the car. Well, it turned out to be the kindle-friendly reader version, so I proceeded to read. Despite all the talk, I wouldn't let myself see the movie until I had finished every word. Tonight was the night I finally saw it and yes, it definitely lived up to the expectations. Glad I accidentally ordered the book. Turned out to be a pleasant mistake.

7) from LateChurch- "Preach at all times. Use words if necessary" -St. Francis of Assisi.

Enjoy your long weekend! My plans: Sleeping in.


  1. You have made me realize maybe I need to make some of my pins, too. One a week sounds like a good goal...we should compare notes at bus duty :)

  2. I love your babysitting, grungy farmers market trip, dinner routine! It's the perfect sequence. I'm also super impressed with your Pinterest goal. I just joined and because of Pinterest have already painted my dining room table turquoise . . . not as impressive as it sounds. It still needs a lot of work!

  3. Oh no, I've been avoiding even learning what Pinterest is. But now I'm doomed. Your headband and necklace are SO CUTE! :)