Monday, September 19, 2011

A Rainy Night In

I love when it rains and I have no where to be. So here I sit in my bed, with my sister beside me painting her nails, listening to my new Woodwick Candle burning away. Ever tried one of those candles? The wick is wood, so it crackles like a fire as it burns. Walmart: $8. You should try it.
Tonight we cooked Shrimp Fried Rice....well, I cooked, she cleaned. Then I drank my favorite new treat: Ovaltine. (Thank you Ashley Blaine- we can be dorky together.) It takes chocolate milk to a whole new level.

The main reason Cathlin came over tonight was for me to help her with an online test, but she has decided to spend the night, yipee!! We are having a week-night slumber party. The best kind. It adds a little something special to an otherwise uneventful Monday night. No more Bachelor until January, so we entertained ourselves by.....
THIS nonsense. Somehow this never gets old.

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  1. So.. at first I thought the first picture made me the most uncomfortable.. but then, yep they all made me uncomfortable. Here I sit, uncomfortable.