Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Little Sister's Engagement

Its a pretty huge deal...is my little sister is engaged to her boyfriend Ryan! They have been together for approximately four years now so we new it had to be coming. About 3 days prior to the main event, my mom called and told me that Ryan was going to propose on Friday and he wanted the family to be there. It was nothing out of the ordinary for my grandparents to come over because they are in town all the time. For Josh and me to randomly be at the house, we needed a little bit more of a plan. We decided that Grama and Bob would be in town visiting Aunt Shirley and they would want to take us all out to dinner at Driftaway. Not out of the norm. When Josh and I got to the house on Friday evening, Cathlin's first words were along the lines of: "Everyone is so dressed up..." I told her I had to come home and shower since I worked up a sweat at bus duty from school. She immediately decided she needed to change. While she was upstairs, Ryan showed up to the house with a box of macaroons and a letter. Since Cathlin was clearly out of sight, he lifted up the box just enough so we could see the sparkly ring stuck right smack in the middle of a macaroon.  I was freaking out because I didn't want her to walk downstairs in the midst of him showing everyone else the ring before he had even proposed.

When she finally made her way downstairs, we all tried to act as normal as possible. Mom said,  "Oh, looks like Ryan brought dessert..." Cathlin walked over to the macaroon box where the letter was placed on top. She glanced over at him and let him know that she would read it later. He made sure she read it NOW....not later. Trying to act as nonchalant as possible, I started blabbering on and on about how hungry I was as she read the letter, trying to pretend I didn't notice what was about to go down. I think it hit her mid-letter that something was up when she said, " I'm not even reading this right now...my hands are shaking" It was about that time that Ryan has made his way over to her side as she slowly opened the box, he got down on one knee. Annnddd...that's when the waterworks started. She immediately covered her face and cried (happy tears of course!) and he took her hand and asked if she would marry him! It was just the best and I'm so glad we were there to experience it with them. My dad got the good stuff on camera. She was so shocked afterwards, but when she finally composed her thoughts, she asked who all knew?? Ryan's response was, "Everyone...and they're all coming over." She freaked again, and said...." HERE? They're coming, Here? I've got to change!!"So upstairs she went for the second wardrobe change of the night.  Ryan was so thoughtful to have planned it to where all the family and friends came over to our house afterwards where we had a surprise engagement party. 

Let the festivities begin!!