Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Week with Nyla

It has been one crazy month. I feel June was super laid back and chill... July, not so much. One of those months were you don't know whether you're coming or going. The highlight of July was my week with miss Nyla. I got to keep this bundle of energy and imagination for a week while her mom, Shavin, went on vacation. A much needed vacation I soon realized after the 3rd hour with Nyla. The girl doesn't stop. I prepared for our week by making a meal plan and brainstorming some activities to keep her occupied. Little did I know, we would fly through nearly each one with time to spare. The week started bright and early at 7 AM on Wednesday.

I took Shavin to the airport and Nyla was mine. After chatting in the car on the way home, we swung into Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for lunch, Palmetto Cheese Pie with tomatoes and bacon. I struck out on that dish because she doesn't like "pork" bacon, only "turkey" bacon. We made the quiche together and I tried to trick her into only putting bacon on one side, but she is not one to be fooled. Anyway, she ate it in the end and picked out the bacon. After lunch she painted my toenails a lovely shade of frog green & then we went to the park where she showed me how she could hang upside down by her knees on the jungle gym and tried to give me a heart attack. I smiled through it but I had visions of her slipping, snapping her neck, and me having to break the news to Shavin. This is how my mind works. Of course she was fine....I over analzye any situation with a possibility of getting hurt.

Later we went to the library & got some Dr. Seuss books to read before bedtime. We also visited the humane society and drooled over all the sweet cats and dogs that we couldn't take home. A trip to the thrift store was also in order where she purchased her porcelain doll, Elizabeth, which was attached to her hip and bald by the end of the day from all the hair brushing that occurred. She did find an awesome pair of gold wedges for me and said that it was a gift from "Hattie Mae Pearl." (her imaginary old lady friend/spirit guide if you will) Nyla is a charater. For dinner, we met my sister at Bonna Bella then got fro yo at Lovin Spoons where Nyla almost gave my number to a complete stranger. Chatty Cathy she is. 

On Thursday morning I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door at 6:30 AM. Yep. The fun had begun for the day. After she coaxed me out of bed we had mini bagels with cream cheese and strawberries for breakfast, then headed off for the Jacksonville Zoo with my friend Julie. I'll use any excuse to go to the zoo...

Friday, I decided, was going to be low key. It had to be. The zoo completely took it out of me from the day before. SO HOT and lots of driving. We had smoothies for breakfast, then went to Michael's (craft store) to pick out an art activity. I thought this would be something she could do on her own, quietly. I was wrong. She picked a kit for making headbands and we made each one together. She requires every drop of attention one can muster. But she is so lovable that it is worth it. Probably one of the kindest children I've ever met. She could see the ugliest, dirtiest, human on the planet and pick out some kind of redeeming quality. "Oh, they have such pretty eyes!" I need to take a lesson from her. 

We went to my favorite boutique, Goodwill, to pass some time and I think she loved it as much as I do. We spent about an hour weeding through the racks of clothes and the girl has some serious fashion sense. I was truly impressed. Later we baked Snicker doodle cookies from scratch and that turned out to be nothing short of a mess.

That night we picked up a pizza and went over to visit Josh and Chloe. He has cable at his house, something that I could've desperately used this week, so thank God for that and a few hours of catching up on her favorite shows. It also helps that I enjoy watching Jessie on the Disney Channel as well.

On Saturday we went to see the movie Matilda which was playing at the Lucas Theatre on Broughton Street. It was 100 times better and cleaner than going to a regular movie theatre, it was cheaper, and it supports local. I believe I will do this more often. We also hit up the Savannah Mall to eat some Chik-Fil-A in the food court and go to the Butterfly Exhibit. I made a friend. Check out who landed on my shirt. Nyla was so sweet...she wouldn't touch the butterflies because she didn't want to be responsible for hurting them.

On Sunday, Josh picked us up and we went to church, which happened to be a super kid friendly service where Twinkies may or may not have been tossed into the crowd. It was the 10 year birthday celebration of LateChurch. We ate lunch in one of the squares, provided by the church then came back to the house to relax and debate with Josh- which is smarter, a cat or a dog? All while my hair was being braided. I think doing braids was one of her favorite past scalp felt it. 

Monday was pool day where we had swim lesson 101. She did a great job! Later, we did each others make up. Nice, huh?

The rest of our time before picking up her mom from the airport was filled with more hair braiding, full mani-pedi's, a walk at Lake Mayer, and dinner at Heiwas for some delicious Chicken Teryaki with loads of shrimp sauce.

I am fully exhausted, but glad I got to spend time with such a special little girl. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

30 Day Photo Gratitude Challenge (26-30)

Better late than never.

Day 26: Transportation (Not mine)

Day 27: Daily Routine: All my shower goodies

Day 28: Night Time 

Day 29: Light

Day 30: Self Portrait


Thursday, July 3, 2014

30 Day Photo Gratitude Challenge (21-25)

Things got a little more personal on this go round!

Day 21: Where You Sleep. Well, here it is...complete with kitty cat.

Day 22: Clothing: A peek into my closet

Day 23: In Your Closet: I should've read this before yesterday. get another peek into my closet

Day 24: Gratitude: Grateful for this little guy, even when he IS sitting on the table (and waiting for a tortilla chip to come his way)

Day 25: Artwork: I chose the mascot of Tortugas, one of my favorite restaurants in Thunderbolt.