Thursday, July 28, 2011


On Wednesday I went to Savannah Power Yoga (in Sandfly) just to do a little something different and change up my workout routine. It is now Friday and I can feel every muscle in my body. Even my fingers and toes are a little sore. At SPY, they crank up the heat and make you sweat. I had sweat dripping off the ends of my hair. Looked like I had jumped into a pool. (TMI? Sorry.) When I left though... I felt SO invigorated and my skin looked remarkable! I think I sweated out ALL impurities in my literally, every single one. I was so refreshed afterwards. Why I don't get into a yoga routine, I don't know. Everytime I do it, I rave about it for days to everyone I know. Its just one of those things I like to do once in awhile. If you've never done hot yoga, you should. You'll either love it or hate it....maybe even pass out. I seriously considered getting up and walking out a few times b/c I thought I might not make it. It's intense.

I was brave enough to venture next door to the Piggly Wiggly afterwards in my sweat drenched clothes. I needed some avacadoes to make fresh guacamole!! It was important. Maybe I shouldn't have...lots of funny looks from normal people who were going about their day in dry clothes. I was hoping not to run into anyone I know. That never happens in your neighborhood grocery store. Of course a mom of one of my students was in the line ahead of me. I just didnt make eye contact, quickly paid for my avacadoes and bolted. Anywhooo... do some yoga, you'll feel better!



  1. I'm so glad you went and loved it! SPY is an awesome studio. You would think Piggly Wiggly would be used to sweaty yogis by now since SPY has been there 7 months :)

  2. i thought of you the whole time I was there!