Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Birds

It all started with me wanting a fern to hang outside on my front porch.
I found a half-way healthy looking one at Piggly Wiggly of all places and it has served it's purpose of making my house (condo) look more like a home. Well, not long after the fern was hung I began to notice that birds would swoop out of the fern and fly away every time I opened the door. I took the fern down, peeked inside, and much to my delight.....there was a nest made up of all kinds of tidbits....pinestraw, moss, dried grass, even a pink wrist band from the bar. Very resourceful. Momma bird has good taste adding a splash of pink to the nest. I hoped that my moving the fern around wouldn't keep the birds from laying eggs and sure enough it didn't! A few days later I found 3 little blue eggs, then 2 more the next day. I've been waiting to hear little peeps coming from the fern. When I checked today, look what I found! Two little fuzzy, pink babies. I
wish the pictures were clearer but I didn't want to disturb them too much. I will check back tomorrow and try to get a better one with my real camera. There are 3 more to be hatched and I'm tempted to sit there and wait patiently for the eggs to crack right before my very eyes. But...I returned the fern to its hook so that nature can run its course and I will try to not look again until tomorrow.

What shall I name them? They have to have names! Any suggestions?


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  1. That's so fun! Can't wait to see more photos as they grow.