Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last weekend I became the accidental owner of an 8 week old kitten who had been roaming around behind Whelan's furniture store. Name, done. Whelan it is.  I went through my head listing all the reasons why I shouldn't take this kitten home, but deep down I knew he was mine. I've always vowed not to go out and buy pets, but if they find me then I will take them. I like removing the element of control. Fate is much more fun.

So this new little bundle of joy has found his way into my home & now my bathroom will never be the same. Kitty litter= everywhere. He hasn't quite mastered the art of keeping things neat and tidy. I vaccuum atleast twice a day at this rate. My sleep schedule= doomed. Saturday morning sleeping in is out of the question. He's hungry at 7 am no matter what and Saturday doesn't mean a thing to him. Lately, at 3 am I've been waking up to his paws on my head/face as he's trying to get comfy. Its all about you buddy- as long as YOU'RE comfortable. Using my lap top in bed= constant interupption. The screen keeps being minimized and maximized, darkened and lightened, as he unapologetically makes his way right over the keys. He also enjoys pouncing on my fingers as I type. Its like a game to see how much I can write before he goes in for the kill. My skin= scratched intermingled with teeth marks. My hands are his favorite toy. (But thats kind of my fault for letting him play rough.) The curtains in my room= forget it. Before I can clap my hands to stop him, he has scaled his way almost to the top, looking like spiderman. The screen on the door is his latest victim. Makes for a good climbing wall :(

But hey, no good thing comes without a price, right? I can sacrifice the strewn kitty litter, claw marks on my hands and curtains, and interuppted sleep for the way he purrs when I hold him and cuddles and pounces and plays with wreckless abandon. When he chases his tail, wiggles his little hiney right before he pounces, and falls asleep with squinty eyes, it makes all the madness seem not so bad. Everything is new to him and his curiousity reminds me that life can be that way for me too, if I choose to look. 

Here I go again sounding like a crazy cat lady.



  1. This is the first of many posts that end with you becoming a librarian.

  2. Thanks Jarred. I hope you're wrong.

  3. What a cute, sweet little guy! I'm sure he'll grow out of his vandalism and become a calm, sweet kitty before long :)