Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leftover Spaghetti & Chocolate Chips from the Bag

Yeah, its been that kind of day. A day when re-heated spaghetti and chocolate chips straight from the bag soothe my soul. I wore killer heels at work today. Apparently my feet were not used to being at such and angle for 8+ hours, so I'm paying for it now. My large glass of red wine seems to be helping matters.

So I've been reflecting lately and realizing how much blogging has helped me to notice things in life that would clearly be overlooked if not for my sweet blog, awaiting its next entry. Some days its spaghetti that I have to write about...other days its the grandness of a major revelation. Most days its the spaghetti though. I've always been a journaler, so why not share it with the world? When I was babysitting over the weekend, I ran across this book stashed away on the mom's shelf called: The Happiness Project. The theme ran true to every other book I've ever read on the subject (and that's a lot of books): Find what is FUN to YOU. Simple enough, right? A lot of my friends like to mix and be have read magazines about fashion and Kate watch the listen to the latest songs on the know what happened on Grey's Anatomy last night. I think I'm an old soul. I'm not a "crowd" person. And 3 is a crowd in my book. I'm a one-on-one, let's sit in a booth and talk kind of person. Big T-shirts and crafts and baking are how I prefer to spend my weekend nights. I am fascinated by someone who can march to the beat of their own drum (possibly why I became a special education teacher). Life without a TV is appealing to me. Adoption is on my bucket list. Christian music is my favorite. Yeah- I said it. I love when it rains outside because it gives me an excuse to stay buried up in my room with my books.

I can play the part and be "cool" on the outside, but on the inside, I'm far from cool. Isn't it refreshing to meet someone who is passionate about something other than the cookie cutter makings of life. Some of the most interesting people I know have chosen to hang with what makes them tick, even if it is completely off the grid. So, you read instruction and repair manuals for enjoyment? I can appreciate that.

A bit of a rabbit trail there, but...back to what I was originally talking about: The Happiness Project book. One of the suggestions- # 8: Start a blog. I couldn't agree more. The hardest part, I admit, is being exposed to the world, however, I think that's what a good writer does. No one wants to hear about my perfection, they want to know that I have flaws, too.

"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." ~Augusten Burroughs

I read on a blogger friend's website about doing a 30 day theme for writing. For example, "30 days of Letting Go" (that was her topic). I strongly considered taking on the challenge, but I realized this would require me to write EVERY DAY for 30 days. Once a week has been more of my pattern, so I didn't want to put stipulations on my blogging habits and scare myself away! I blog as the inspiration strikes. The idea is still lurking though, so maybe next month.

What is fun to YOU?



  1. I really enjoy making fun of people! I think I am really good at it. It's one of my favorite things to do..

  2. Nice, Dave. You are good at it though- thats for sure.

  3. Love this post! I agree with you - a rainy day and a good book or quality time with one or two close friends are better to me than any crowd or social event! I love reading nerdy scientific health books. Reading one called Brain Allergies right now, and yeah, I'm really excited about it :)

  4. Hmm.. where have I seen that quote before? :)

  5. I almost put a "via Jarred" under that quote, but I refrained for the sake of being too wordy..... But yes, totally from you.

  6. Loved all of this! You're a fun read. Also, Christian music is my fave, too. And big t-shirts. (Pref. w/o constricting undergarments...) :)