Sunday, April 29, 2018


I heard all bout this Nixgia Red. I was really skeptical. I couldn't see spending my precious oil money allotment on a juice blend. But evvvvverybody who tried it had great things to say. "Oh, you'll notice a difference when you miss a few days of using it!" " tastes so good!" " Ohhh....its a must-have after getting your Starter Kit!" Blah, blah, blah...

I finally broke down and bought it because I know its packed with Antioxidants and who doesn't need an extra dose of that with all the toxins we swim in daily. Although its only been about 2 weeks of using it daily, I do feel a little sharper! A little more energy! An edge, if you will.  I had tried the samples from the Starter Kit so I knew I would like the way it tasted (let's be honest, I rarely come across a food item that I do not like).

I have come to crave it in the mornings. This is what I do: Wake up...shuffle to the kitchen... open the fridge...turn the bottle up to give it a good mix.....pour....and knock back 2 shot glasses full of Ningxia! The best way I can describe it is a puree of tangy and delicious juice. Thicker than juice, not as thick as a smoothie. Its so satisfying when its COLD.

100 grams of Wolfberries (aka Gogi Berries)
230 g Blueberries
140 g Cherries
1 cup Aronia Berries (highest anti-oxidant of any berry)
125 mg Grapefruit Seed extract
4 Pomegranates
2 Plums
Infused with Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, & Yuzu Essential Oils

Besides loving the way it tastes and noticing a difference in how its making me feel, here are some of its benefits:

-High in antioxidants to strengthen immune system
-Aids circulatory system, including the heart
-Helps the liver function properly
-Supports the eyes (cataracts, glaucoma, and visual acuity)
-Vitamins and minerals in Ningxia aid in digestion
-Helps support healthy blood sugar levels
-Strengthens brain neurotransmitters (therefore helping to combat dementia and memory loss)
-High in B-Vitamin Complex to help convert food to energy
-Reduces pain caused by inflammation
-The Ningxia Wolfberry is high in protein, an essential cellular building block

If you watch Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton like I do: Here's a link to his  quick, 6 min video about Ningxia Red.

Drink UP!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

What's Your Color Personality?

Who doesn't love a good personality test!? I took one a few months ago and it was spot on for me. This test in particular is very straight forward and it doesn't take much time at all. Under fifteen minutes if I remember correctly. It will give you a phrase and you pick (A, B, C, or D) the one word that you feel correlates best with the phrase. It breaks your personality down into 4 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Most of you will come out with a dominant color or two. The fun thing about it is that there are oils that can support each color type. And its free. Before I give you the link to the personality test, I want you give yourself some time to watch Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton's explanation of the personality types and guess which one you think you will be. I guessed correctly before taking the test! I felt inclined to write this post today because I was really sad to hear that the creator if this test, Jacob Adamo, passed away this week. He left behind a wife and two kids. You will hear Dr. Haggerton refer to him throughout the YouTube video.

Now...Here's Jim Bob: (go ahead and scroll about 14 minutes into the video to bypass some of the needless stuff at the beginning)

When you promise you have watched the YouTube video's the Color Personality Test! 

I'm so excited to hear what color you are! I will tell mine soon, but I want to keep it a surprise first to see if you can guess what I am! 

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Fooled

At the Southern Women's Show, I got bamboozled into buy a fancy new hair straightener/curling wand. The salesman layed it on thick with the compliments and called me by my first name as if we were old friends. I admit it; I bought into his game. I really do like the flat iron so I can't say I was necessarily bamboozled, but I wasn't in the market for new hair tools. Easter Sunday rolled around and I was overly excited about using my new straighter. I went through all the steps to make sure each section of hair was correctly prepped, flattened, slightly curled, and tousled. Ah, yes- perfection. One trick I like with my oils is to put a drop of Frankincense on my palms, rub together, then through my hair to take out the frizzies. I feel like any oil would work for this because its....well....oil. Truly, I just like the smell of it, using my hair as a diffuser! I went through my whole routine of dropping the oils into my hands and rubbing through my hair, bus since it was Easter, I figured I'd do an extra drop or 2 since it was a special occasion. After all, Frankincense is one of the oils that was given to Jesus when he was born!

It wasn't until after I had slathered myself in oil that I realized that I had not, in fact, used the Frankincense....I had grabbed Patchouli. Yes, the one that most people associate with dirty hippies. Extremely earthy and extremely strong. The strongest oil I own. We're talking....I can smell it on my hands for hours if I have so much as opened the bottle. Its intense.

Oops! It was too late to do anything about it. Of all places, I was going to have to sit in crammed church pews smelling like a HUGE hippie. The only thing I could do was pray that everyone around me felt deeply calmed from sniffling the Patchouli! After all, it is known for its calming and relaxing properties. How appropriate for April Fools Day, right?

On another note, mark your calendars for April 15th! There will be another Essential Oils class that afternoon at my house. You can learn more about the kit you already have, get your own kit if you don't have one, have some wine and apps, and possibly win a little prize :)  All are welcomed and invited to bring friends. I'll send more updates, but I wanted to get the word out!