Sunday, April 29, 2018


I heard all bout this Nixgia Red. I was really skeptical. I couldn't see spending my precious oil money allotment on a juice blend. But evvvvverybody who tried it had great things to say. "Oh, you'll notice a difference when you miss a few days of using it!" " tastes so good!" " Ohhh....its a must-have after getting your Starter Kit!" Blah, blah, blah...

I finally broke down and bought it because I know its packed with Antioxidants and who doesn't need an extra dose of that with all the toxins we swim in daily. Although its only been about 2 weeks of using it daily, I do feel a little sharper! A little more energy! An edge, if you will.  I had tried the samples from the Starter Kit so I knew I would like the way it tasted (let's be honest, I rarely come across a food item that I do not like).

I have come to crave it in the mornings. This is what I do: Wake up...shuffle to the kitchen... open the fridge...turn the bottle up to give it a good mix.....pour....and knock back 2 shot glasses full of Ningxia! The best way I can describe it is a puree of tangy and delicious juice. Thicker than juice, not as thick as a smoothie. Its so satisfying when its COLD.

100 grams of Wolfberries (aka Gogi Berries)
230 g Blueberries
140 g Cherries
1 cup Aronia Berries (highest anti-oxidant of any berry)
125 mg Grapefruit Seed extract
4 Pomegranates
2 Plums
Infused with Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, & Yuzu Essential Oils

Besides loving the way it tastes and noticing a difference in how its making me feel, here are some of its benefits:

-High in antioxidants to strengthen immune system
-Aids circulatory system, including the heart
-Helps the liver function properly
-Supports the eyes (cataracts, glaucoma, and visual acuity)
-Vitamins and minerals in Ningxia aid in digestion
-Helps support healthy blood sugar levels
-Strengthens brain neurotransmitters (therefore helping to combat dementia and memory loss)
-High in B-Vitamin Complex to help convert food to energy
-Reduces pain caused by inflammation
-The Ningxia Wolfberry is high in protein, an essential cellular building block

If you watch Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton like I do: Here's a link to his  quick, 6 min video about Ningxia Red.

Drink UP!

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