Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Hi-Points

 I think its been the shortest month of the year, this October.  So much has been jam packed into it. All I can do is re-cap. This won't even do it justice, but for memories sake:

-I kicked off the month of October with a night of silly girl antics downtown for Kristi's 31st birthday. We danced to the Wobble and drank birthday cake martinis! Getting older really is fun!

-I've been painting my life away for my little side business, Dabble. [furniture painting] More on that later...but I can't complain! Its a stress reliever for me to paint. It clears my head. Here's a sneak peak of a few thing I've been doing: 

- In other news, I was bitten by a 6 year old. When I went to get a tetanus shot because of the bite, the Dr. said, "are they not feeding those kids at school?" He's got jokes. I have managed to go 8 years as a special education teacher with this being the first of my child related injuries. Could be worse....

Its also been a big month for birthdays: SHOUT OUT to my friends: Kristi, Lindsey, Margaret, Deborah & Katie. My grandmother and Josh's mom also share the same birthday on the 29th of October. But, the best birthday of grandfather, BOB, turned 80! Woo hoo!! I made him a book of memories from years past and we had an oyster roast at my parents house. So nice to have everyone there to celebrate. 

And, Grama doesn't eat oysters so she was the photographer. (She also probably thought she was being sly by staying out of the pictures. Wrong!)

And finally, I shamelessly tell you that yesterday was National Cat Day. Here's Whalen, loud and proud.