Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fox and Fig #2 + Oil Class

I'm on a Fox and Fig bender! I've been twice this month and I'm ready to go back with anyone who will go eat there with me! This time I took my Grama. (or ...rather....she took me.) This time I had the Bahn Mi which is: "Maple-Ginger- Tamari Glazed Seitan, Sriracha Mayo, Key Lime Ginger Pickled Carrots, on a Ciabatta bun served with Agave-Dijon Slaw." The owner recommended it so I took him up on his suggestion! Delish. 

I always bring a pouch of essential oils around with me to use while I'm out. I put a drop of Spearmint in our waters to jazz things up a bit and Grama's reaction was the best. She sipped it....her eyes got big....then she matter of factly stated, "Now, THIS is an experience." It is such a cool rush and a little less potent than my beloved Peppermint. 

Another trick I've been up to lately is making a flu "bomb" with my empty gelatin capsules. I pop one open, add a couple drops of Thieves, couple drops of Lemon, fill the rest with olive oil and ...voila! Natural flu deterrent. Some of the Flu Bomb recipes floating around online call for up to 10 drops of Thieves along with other oils that I do not currently have. I'm just doing the best I can do with what I have. A couple drops of Lemon and Thieves is better than nothing, right? 

Also, remember - I'm having and oil class at my house, this Sunday, 2:00. Let me know if you want in! I'm happy to have anyone who loves or wants to love essential oils! You're also welcomed to bring a friend. 

I plan on trying to host one once a month or so. If you can't make this one- there will be more! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Ever heard of it? Yeah, me either. Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is apparently Danish lifestyle that emphasizes embracing the little luxuries in our everyday life and finding deeper meaning in the ordinary. I didn't make this up. It came from the greatest article in the Young Living Essential Oils magazine that arrived in the box with my starter kit. With the Internet being so accessible and providing me with every service and idea under the sun, I rarely put time into the magazines I used to read through, in depth! I used to cut out workout routines and recipes from Self magazine back in the day. I would tear out home decor ideas from countless catalogs. Now, everything comes from Pinterest or Instagram (or insert site of your choice.) That being said, this magazine has been one that I've enjoyed holding on to and flipping through the pages in my cozy bed with no bright screens in my face. I have no idea if the magazines come out monthly or clue where I could get my hands on another one- but I feel it will take me a good year to try out all the oil uses life hacks it has to offer. 

Back to hygge. Every part of the article hit home for me because THIS is how I love to live my life. Also, there are a few pointers on places where I could probably find more "hygge". Here are the highlights from the article.

1) Keep food simple.
2) Share meals with your family and friends.
3) Make your space a sanctuary.
4) Live by candlelight.
5) Surround yourself with happy memories
6) Take a hot bath.
7) Read a real book.
8) Enjoy a good cup of cocoa (or coffee, or tea.)
9) Enjoy comfy lounge wear.
10) Enjoy a good fire.
11) Explore nature.

YES to ALL of these!! My hands down favorite is #6. Take a hot bath. Ask anyone who knows me....I do this everyday, if not twice a day. Essential oils help me to enjoy all these things even better! Somehow, the oils bring about a deeper sense of appreciation for each point listed.

Side note: I celebrated my 34th birthday this week and went to Fox & Fig for dinner. If you're into plant based food...or even if you're not...its so delicious! Worth it!

Try this... (straight from the magazine)
Aromatic Bath
"Add 5-10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to 2 cups Epsom salt and 1 cup of baking soda, and slowly pour the mixture under running water to disperse as you fill the tub. Soak for 20 min to relax muscles and open pores to release toxins, then tuck yourself in for a good night's sleep."

Finally- I wanted to invite anyone who is interested to my house on Sunday, Jan 21st at 2:00pm. I'll be hosting a class on essential oils! Whether you know all about Young Living oils and use them daily or whether this is the first you have heard- ALL are welcome! If you'd like to join, send me a message on FB and I'll give you my address!

I'll have some drinks and apps and we will do a "make-and-take." Maybe a room spray....maybe some bath salts....haven't gotten that far yet. It's casual ;)

Saturday, January 6, 2018


"Grounding" is a word that is thrown around a lot in the essential oil community. What exactly does it mean when a smell is described as "grounding?" I've been contemplating this for awhile and the feels that come to mind for me are: warm, earthy, comforting. I'd be very curious to know what it means for you. I understand it, but its hard to put into words. For example.... I feel that Frankincense is a grounding oil. I'm refraining from Googling about grounding it until I post this and read some of your ideas.

On the topic of Frankincense- it may be one of the most essential of essential oils for me.

I am currently diffusing it in my car and its hard to describe the way it makes me feel! Peace? Grounded, I guess!? Until I find something better, this is the only one I want to use in my car from now on.

My mom's favorite diffuser combo is an equal parts mix of Frankincense and Peppermint.

Friday, January 5, 2018


New year, new blog look! I have still been keeping up with my blog, but last year I did book reviews and never shared them. This year... I figured I'd share again. My newest "happy" is essential oils, specifically the Young Living Essential Oils.

I've loved oils for years, but I can tell a difference with the purity and strength of this brand. My goal for the year is to educate myself on the PLETHORA of goodness that goes along with using them. I follow along with people who know way more about this stuff than I do, so I am soaking up everything they have to say. This will be my virtual notebook, so - follow along if you'd like!

For my birthday, which is on January 9th, I'm getting a starter kit - so I'm impatiently counting down the days. I purchased a few random oils last month because I couldn't wait and I've already used them all up! (Lemon, Lavender, and Christmas Spirit)

Here are a few of the millions of suggestions that can be used with each oil:

Lemon: Put 1-2 drops in drinking water. Use an aluminum or glass bottle because it will eat through plastic or Styrofoam, just like it will eat through petrochemicals in our body. At the same time, it doesn't harm the organs in our body- it actually cleanses them.

Lavender: I get restless when I'm trying to go to sleep, especially my I have a roller ball filled with Lavender and a carrier oil ( I used jojoba oil) and I roll it over my legs before I go to sleep to calm them. It may be a mental thing, but it helps me!

Christmas Spirit: This one I bought before Christmas and diffused in the classroom. It smells like the old- timey orange, clove, cinnamon mixture that you can put on the stove.

Thieves: This one I used up in about a week! I put it in my laundry, diffused it in the classroom, and put it in hot tea with honey. There is an entire home cleaning system devoted to Thieves and it also smells like Christmas!

Peppermint: This is hands down my favorite for everything. I've always loved anything mint. I diffuse this one non stop because it clears my head and helps me calm and focus. It smells clean to me. Adding a drop to water is very refreshing too! If you ever put it in a bath.... Cooling effect extreme

This Christmas I made a pillow mist of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint for all my teacher friends.
(2 oz aluminum spray bottle, 1 tsp rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, 10 drops of each oil, fill the rest with distilled water)

My idea is for this to be my space to share what works for ME so that I have a place to refer back when the need arises. Please use any suggestions and share what works for YOU.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Book Review: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

This book was not what I the worst way! Ugh! Ferrazzi seems extremely pretentious and treats people like chess pawns. I added this book to my list because it was advertised as a way to build relationships and have life success. Who doesn't need a few pointers in that area? I'm all about some self help, but he is WAY off the mark. Maybe its because I don't live in the business world, that  I don't understand his motivation- but his focus is almost 100% about getting in with the "important people" of the world and rubbing elbows. This does absolutely nothing for me. I am tempted not to finish this book because I'm not even halfway through and I'm sick of hearing him brag about his perceived success. However, I feel that I need to finish what I've started so I'm going to trudge through it.

Like any book, there is always something to be learned. I do have a few take away points that I found semi-enlightening.

1) " A goal is a dream with a deadline." pg 25

2) "We all have our own loves, insecurities, strengths, weaknesses, and unique capabilities. And we have to take those into account in figuring out where our talents and desires intersect. That intersection is what I call your "blue-flame"- where passion and ability come together. When that blue flame is ignited within a person, it is a powerful force in getting you where you want to go."
- pg. 26

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Book Review: From Leading to Succeeding by Douglas Reeves

This was not a book of choice, but I am on the leadership team at school and we were are doing a book study on it so I may as well use it as my September book. Its had some good key points in it so far, but just as many dull parts that I don't give two hoots about.

I was chosen to give a review of chapter two, on Trust.

Here are my take away points from the entire book:

Introduction: Consider reflecting on one element each day of the weekending your wek with a reflcion on sustainability. What will endure after you are gone? Stephen Covey (1989) suggests that we write our own eulogies. What endures? I doubt you want someone to utter at your memorial service, 'She completed more than 80% of the goals of her strategic plan.'"
- pg 10

CH1: Purpose- "There is a difference between a score and an emotional engagement that ignites a passion of educators, students, parents, and communities. For example, a gain in scores may or may not be proficient, but a reduction in the drop out rate has a profound impact on a community. For every high school drop out avoided, communities gain in revenue- sales and property taxes, income taxes, housing and automobile sales, and so on- and avoid costs in social services, medical care, community policing, and incarceration."
- pg 14

CH3- Focus- "For a full week, keep a detailed record of how you spend your time. Many apps are available that can help you do this quickly and easily and create a pie chart showing your actual time allocation."
-Pg. 31