Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tribute to The Saucemkr

All the problems at school today seemed so small when I heard the news that you aren't here anymore. It feels really weird knowing that I can't send you a stupid Facebook message anytime I want and that we won't be having any more battles of the wit. That was my number one favorite thing about you....your wittiness. I couldn't help but laugh with you. We could always pick up right where we left off...always.  Things that I will always remember about you:

-When we were introduced at Hesse many years ago, you said your name was "Jonathan 'no habla espanol'"
-Japanese food
-reading the book "Tweak" out loud together
-WTF is Juice? (Kat Williams)
-Your love for Chac & Bowdy, the baddogs
-Your tender heart
-the "okay"hand sign
-amber alert
- Lady Gaga "Pokerface" was your ring tone
-Going to Midtown Deli with you
 -the sweet relationship you have always had with your mom
- Sskkk ssskkkk ssskkk,
-Taking Bowdy to puppy training at PetSmart
-"wp" "twss" "irl""nbd" "fml"
-your laugh
-me dog sitting while you went on one of your poker trips and Bowden drinking too much water, too fast, and throwing up an unimaginable amount all over your couch & there was nothing to clean it up with, except some dirty clothes I think.
-Role Models
- eating real Lebanese food at your dad's house
- riding around in your truck listening to Travis Porter ("girl I like yo' jeans")
- sending me pictures of your new haircuts/sunglasses/etc that you were so proud of

I met you at Hesse, and tomorrow I will go back there with you on my mind. I know I will think of one million more memories as soon as I end this, but I can tell you that this week I will be listening to all the rap CD's you made me, drinking out of the cat mug you got me one Christmas that says "Catnip for Me," & displaying my crazy-leg crab at school. I can't wait to see you again on the other side. I know you're there. I wish you could tell me how wonderful it is there...