Thursday, March 10, 2016

21 Day Fix

I have to share my rekindled love for proper nutrition! I started doing the 21 Day Fix through Beachbody and I have been feeling like a human again. It has really given me more energy and made me realize how much sugar I was eating beforehand. I am good at pretending that my diet is fine because I don't eat fast food or drink sodas, but in reality, I can pig out on some granola, peanut butter, and secret stashes of chocolate in my desk at work.

 In a nutshell, the 21 day fix is an eating plan that advocates for the proper portions of WHOLE, REAL foods and 30 minutes of exercise daily. My favorite part is Shakeology.

When I wake up in the mornings, I crave my "milkshake." No lie, it feels like a treat that I should not be having. I've always been a sweets for breakfast kind of person and I would have a DQ Blizzard every morning if I could. I swear Shakeology is the next best thing. The three flavors I'm rotating between right now are Latte, Vanilla, and Chocolate. The  meal plan came with a whole array of recipe ideas for ShakeO combinations & I've been trying a different one daily. This morning I had a Vanilla Chai shake and it may as well have been from Starbucks. YUM. My favorite chocolate shake combination includes: frozen banana, almond milk, peanut butter, and spinach. Might as well add the dose of greens because you can't even taste them when it's all mixed in.

The best part is that I feel better in my clothes, I feel stronger from the workouts, and I have motivation to continue. Right now, my biggest challenge is eating away from home and controlling my portions/choosing the correct options when I have not been able to plan out the entire day's meals Let's face it, its not realistic to plan out every bite, every day, so I can only do the best I can do.