Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tis the Wedding Season (for my sister)

Cathlin's bridesmaids threw her the sweetest wedding shower yesterday. I was blown away by the decorations and the spread of food. The shower was held at her childhood best friend's grandmother's home where they grew up together and added to their circle of friends. It was so nice to see all of her friends there in one place, as well as most of her friends' mothers. Lots of love to go around.

Kristin (childhood bestie) needs to quit her day job and go into party planning because every nook and cranny had the most perfect touch. Walking into the house felt like a great big 'Welcome!"

Some of my personal favorite touches were the table decorations. She had different kitchen bowls and gadgets on each table acting as vases, filled with spring flowers. I also loved that everyone got their own wooden spoon to take home as a party favor: Cathlin and Ryan are "a perfect mix!"

Can't forget the mimosa bar. I "tasted" a mimosa from each carafe of juice. Didn't want to leave anything out, you know? Grapefruit, Mango-Orange, and Orange. 

 I love some party food and it would've never crossed my mind to do a salmon salad bar for a shower, but it was delicious.  There were tons of other finger foods too. Since I cannot resist taking food pictures, here is the spread!