Friday, July 15, 2011

Corey Smith

Forgive me for re-living my college years last night, but Corey Smith came to town and I really love him. And live music. His honesty in songwriting is my favorite thing about him. He said last night that to be a good songwriter you have to be honest, and if you're honest you're probably going to offend someone sooner or later. Well... a few of his songs are pretty offensive, but he plays it off with such charm. For all you other Corey fans who couldn't make it, you missed a good show! He played for a solid 2 hours. Pretty impressive. Being the "list" person that I am, I made sure to write down his set-list as he played so I woudn't forget anything.

He opened up with: 1) Maybe Next Year
2) Party
3) In Love With A Memory
4) $8 Bottle of Wine
5) Broken Record
6) The Redneck In Me
7) Something To Lose
8)Drinkin' Again
9) You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty cover)
10) Backroads
11) Collide
12) Drugs
13) Carolina
14) Great Day To Be Alive (Travis Tritt cover)
15) I Love Black People
16) Every Dawg Has Its Day
18) This Little Light of Mine (medley)
19) Twenty-One
(exits stage left.....COREY, COREY, COREY, COREY) ....just kidding...that didn't happen (the chanting part). But he did come back and sing a few more...

20)F * The Po-Po
21) The Bottle...Lord, won't you show him heaven after all the hell that he's been through...
22) Desperado (Eagles cover)
And he ended with: 24) If I Could Do It Again

Had fun, Cath and Courts! We'll have to do it again (no pun intended)



  1. I feel totally lame because I have never even heard of Corey Smith.

  2. Not to fear...he's a small town guy & pretty hip with the college-folk :) I felt like I was one of the "older" one's at the concert