Thursday, June 5, 2014

30 Day Photo Gratitude Challenge (1-5)

I love those "take-a- picture-a-day-and-document" type deals, so this photo challenge was right up my alley. It is an Instagram challenge, so for those of you who follow me on there, you'll be seeing it twice. Sorry. Instead of clogging up a whole blog post with 30 pictures, I decided to put it on my blog weekly. So far its been really easy and I haven't missed a day. Hopefully I can say the same for the remaining 25 days. I posted this list up on my fridge and I cross through them each day. Give me a list and I'm a happy girl.

Day 1: Favorite Food: Limes ( I couldn't pick just one and this lime was sitting out on my counter)

Day 2: Smile ( an unwilling smile)

Day 3: Happiness. (Savannah Power Yoga is my happy place)

Day 4: Leaves (Basil still counts as a leaf in my book. Cooking Cauliflower Crust Greek Pizza with Grama)

Day 5: Morning Sky. (I made myself wake up a little earlier than normal to take this pic)

 Be back next week with 6-10!

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