Thursday, June 26, 2014

30 Day Photo Gratitude Challenge (16-20)

Day 16: Animals. I met Dixie as we were on our way to Wassaw for Father's Day. We stopped by Donnie's dock (her owner) for some bait on the way there. He has his own TV show called Fishin' with Dixie. She's a star! Such a gentle giant. Makes we want a Great Dane.

Day 17: Memories. The early Savannah Christian days. Skating boo boo on my knee. Pretty standard for me back then.

Day 18: Something New. My lemon essential oil & spray bottle. Ready to make some homemade air freshener!

Day 19: Best Friend. As you may guess, my sissy. Here she is on fly patrol while we went to help Grama & the church ladies make some squash relish at St. John's. 

Day 20: Seasonal. What could be more appropriate than summery shades of nail polish at Target?

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