Sunday, June 8, 2014

Whyndam Riverwalk Jacksonville: Blackballed

I usually don't do this, but.....I have to share this hotel experience from the weekend. Maybe I can spare an innocent soul.

After booking our room 3 weeks in advance, we arrived at check in time only to be told that our "king bed" hotel room wasn't ready & to wait in the lobby with all the other guests who were also waiting on king beds. Approximately 50 people were in the lobby with a long line at the check-in counter. We were told to give them 35 minutes & then "flag them down" if no one had told us our room was ready by then. (How professional, right?!) Meanwhile, as we waited we talked to other future guest who had already been waiting over an hour. They were told that their "double bed" room was not available and that's what everyone in the lobby was waiting on. This clearly shows that they were not being truthful, rather trying to delay confrontation as long as possible. We overheard one manager giving nothing but excuses to guests rather than trying to solve the unavailable rooms issue. For example, he said " we had a basketball team stay here last night & that's why the rooms aren't ready." (But you're a HOTEL...that's what hotels are for...)

Also while waiting, the bartender charged double for a liquor drink when we only ordered one. As we were talking to another future guest at the bar about the confusion with the rooms, the bar tender overheard the conversation and scoffingly laughed at the debacle ensuing in the lobby. At the same time, the food and beverage manager was strutting around the lobby wearing his business suit, which to me, is a welcoming sign for guests to approach him with grievances, considering the circumstances. When we approached him for answers, he simply replied, " I'm just the food and beverage guy- I help out when I can." Then he proceeded to tell us the check in and check out times as if this information would do us any good.

Forty minutes later, we finally flagged down the manager, Kelly, who thankfully took our card and found us a room. (props to Kelly) When we returned to the bar from the pro soccer game that night, the bartender told us that the Whyndam was having to pay other guests to stay at different hotels because they did not have their rooms available in time. He was also extremely rude to his coworkers behind the bar. Anytime someone ordered food, he made sure to tell them that it would take awhile (ex: over an hour for wings). In reality, the wings came out in 20 minutes and he clearly did not want to be bothered with selling food. Not who I would want working for my company.

 Upon leaving, we were double charged for parking. This was cleared up with the front desk after bringing it to their attention, however, I soon noticed an extra $50 charge on my debit card. When I called to rectify this situation, I was told that the charge was to cover incidentals & would be put back on my card in 4-5 business days. It would've been nice to know this beforehand. In closing, I believe this has been the worst hotel experience I've ever had. I would recommend this hotel to no one.

On a positive note....the bed felt like sleeping on a cloud. Where can I get my hands on some of those pillows!?

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