Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ET Phone Home

Due to Hurricane Matthew, I lost power along with the rest of Savannah. Thankfully mine is now back on now, but in the mean time Josh had to unhook the lock on the garage so that we could manually open and close it.

This afternoon as I was attempting to manually shut the door from the outside, without thinking I pulled down in between a slat rather than using the handle. Next thing I knew, my right middle finger and ring finger quickly became pancakes in the door as it straightened out to close. I screamed, assessed the damage, and immediately became somewhat delirious.

My neighbor Sarah was walking over as all this happened and I knew that I needed to get inside quickly to lie down before my knees buckled. Apparently I turned bitch-mode and yelled at josh to open the door so I could lie down and for him to go talk to Sarah. I remember being on the couch asking Sarah why my ears were ringing so loud. She calmly said, "well that's because you're just had some trauma." Josh was saying ice would be a good thing, so he went to the kitchen. There is a vague memory of him saying " we don't have ice yet.....were are the ziplock bags?" I guess Sarah went to help him because she commented that he should know where things are around the house. I was trying to help so I got up to point them in the right direction and next thing I know, Josh was kneeling over me, panicked, yelling....Caroline! Caroline? You just passed out!"

Immediately after I "came to" I asked, " What? What are you doing?" I was not understanding why he was yelling at me. Sarah instructed him to put my feet in the air and then she ran to her house for gatorade and ice. When she returned, she told me to drink up because my face was pale and my lips were gray. I think Josh's face looked about the same and he told me..." I've never seen anyone pass out before!"

Thank goodness he turned around saw me wobbling & was there to ease me down, because I was super close to collapsing right into the corner of the dining room table....or maybe through the glass door.

Now that we can laugh about it he has not been shy about reenacting my fainting spell. He said when he first turned around and saw me, he and Sarah both said, "What are you doing??" because I was wobbling around "like a drunk, homeless man," in Josh's most eloquent words. Then when he saw my face he let Sarah know that, " something's not right!..." and ran to catch me.

What a day. Now Sarah is going to come over and help me bandage up my finger before bedtime and I will probably go get it checked out tomorrow. For now, I look like ET Phone Home!