Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Minutes of April

This morning I was reading my favorite blog and re-realizing the similarities I had with the writer. She talked about the importance of noise. Being an introverted homebody, yet not able to focus or feel fulfilled in her work when she is alone and the house is quiet.  Here is the link if you can relate:

In certain ways, I feel much the same...especially when it comes to my work environment. With summer approaching and the school year wrapping up, I'm feeling even more ready to get the heck out the door at the end of each day.

Example: I got a Snickers blizzard after work today, ate it on the way home, and immediately crawled in bed for a nap. My nap lasted until my sister called at 7:57 PM and freaked me out.  I thought I was late for work. I thought I had slept through the night and it was a new day. First there was panic and then sweet relief when she assured me that it was Thursday evening, not Friday morning. All this to say- I'm thoroughly exhausted. A break from work is in order. 

But when the end finally arrives, something coincidental happens. I'm lost. I miss the routine of my day. I suppose I find a strange peace in the buzz of the classroom, of papers rustling, scissors cutting, quieting a tattle tale, answering a nagging question. Same goes for the never ending paperwork that my job requires. As I try to type up the ever official and important documents, I pray to my lucky starts that I could have a moment without hearing my name repeated 5 times in a row or a tiny finger tapping me on the shoulder. But when they are gone, my motivation goes out the window. The effort it takes to stay focused on the task increases x10. Maybe it feels more urgent if I am writing in the midst of something else....multi- tasking if you will. It lights a fire under me & I feel a sense of accomplishment.  

The same also happens with my writing.  I need a certain amount of noise to churn out what's floating around in my head. Same way I need some white noise in the background to sleep at night (thank you, Honeywell rotating tower fan.) Anyway, FlowerPatchFarmGirl' s blog spoke straight to my heart this morning. As introverted as I am, I still thrive from connection with others. Its human nature I suppose.