Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playing Martha Stewart

I've been crafting it up over here lately. Ever since Pinterest came along, the world has been my oyster! There's not enough time in the day to make all the projects I have pinned. Here's what I've been up to lately.

1) Window Frame Chicken Wire Message Board, inspired from this one from Etsy. I went on an adventure over to my grandparents house in South Carolina to round up this old frame. I knew they would have some good junk in their old barn behind the house (and I mean that in the nicest way possible!) Their trash is my treasure. I was pleased with the finished product. So Shabby- Chic!

2) Framed Letter after seeing this design on Esty...I knew I could make one, easy peasy. My first attemt was an epic fail. I tried to super glue the letter to the fabric. No good, my friends. Looked like a Kindergartener got a hold of it. Iended up attaching it with a paper bag
handle. Just use your imagination. I kinda like it. Doesn't it make such a perfect addition to my shelving? Very Pottery Barn-ish (thank you Cathlin.) New picture frames are my next mission for the shelves. They need some work.

3) Fabric Covered Pumpkin, my most favorite project in awhile. I just discovered what a "fat quarter" of fabric was a day before I found out how to make which the directions state: USE 1 FAT QUARTER OF FABRIC. I felt like a pro for having this knowledge. So, I will be welcoming Fall with this little guy. Pumpkin is ready to decorate the mantle. And ready for sister and brother pumpkins to be made. PS: I realize this picture makes it look more like an apple...but I will use orange on the next one.

4) Vase Twine-Wrapped Hanging Lantern. (Click the link to see a much better picture & a tutorial on how to make.) Very simple and elegant. And simple enough for me to make in about 15 minutes! Its not quite completed yet though. I'm still looking for a candle to go inside. The small tea candle doesn't quite cut it.

5) REAL Rice Crispies. Haven't made these things since '91. Ever since Kelloggs took over the rice crispy treat market, I feel like the real things have taken a
back seat.Well, I brought them back and they were marvelous. Much greasier than the pre-packaged ones. The best part was eating the gooey leftovers out of the pot. Truth be told, that ended up being my lunch for the day. Next time I might add some chocolate chips if I'm feeling adventurous.

So for all of you who asked, what are you plans for this summer? This is what I do. This is my relaxation. Ahhh, an outlet for some creativity.

Another PS: Right now must be feeding time for baby birds because they are chirping away (meep! meep! meep!) right outside my window as I'm typing.


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