Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Good Love Story

Girlfriends- If you need a good chick flick, here are my current recommendations.

Movies aren't typically my thing, but I sure do enjoy a good love story every now and then. I watched Country Strong the other day for the first time & I never realized how much I like Gwenyth Paltrow as an actress...she has such a pretty & clear singing voice. Garrett Hedlund isn't so bad himself! I'm a sucker for his deep, raspy-ish voice. This scene made me I had to download the full song off the soundtrack when the movie was over.

And while we're on the subject....I have to recommend "Crazy, Stupid, Love" as well. I had a movie date with my friend Emily yesterday and it was the perfect choice. Well, anything with Ryan Gosling is a perfect choice in my opinion. I left feeling all giddy like a teenager. Steve Carell is also in it & he never lets me down. Gotta love Steve. So, here's the trailer if you care to take a peek!


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