Saturday, November 26, 2011


Oh how quickly it comes and goes. Poor Thanksgiving rarely gets the credit it is due as Christmas rushes in behind and before. I have a hard time saying goodbye so soon! My pumpkin is still on the front porch. Christmas shopping is yet to have begun. I'm still soaking in the thankful part! Though I may not have voiced it or shown it enough, I have been richly blessed and I have so much for which to be thankful.

For starters, I had an entire week off for Thanksgiving Break this year. Who else gets that much time off for Thanksgiving? Gotta love the perks of teaching.

I kicked it off with lunch at The Exchange with Grama, then a shopping spree at Sam's for cat food and litter. Grama's treat. Love when she buys me the essentials. Its like a mini-Christmas. I'm now stocked up with 48 days worth of cat food for Whelan and a 50 pound bag of cat litter. Try carrying that out of the store.

The highlight of Tuesday was Green Truck for lunch with mom and Cath. Never a disappointment there, except that we had to wait outside in the blaring sun for 30 minutes: note the squinty eyes. The rest of my day consisted of bargain hunting for clothes (my newest hobby which should be a blog in itself) and then meeting up with Ashley at Driftaway for a couple glasses (or bottles) of wine.

On Thanksgiving day I made a corn casserole and headed to see dad's side of of the family in Statesboro. Squeezed in the backseat of mom and dad's car with Cathlin and her boyfriend, it was then that I was re-introduced to Words With Friends (iphone Scrabble) and have been glued to my phone ever since. So far I've only been victorious over Cathlin, but I'm working on my skills. Here is our Statesboro family pic that we worked so hard to position away from the sun and out of the shadows. It took a few tries- thats for sure. Little Cole (front left) made sure that we all said "CHEESE!" every time.

Later when I got back home, I made an impromptu trip to Sandfly Bar and Grill to meet up with my friend, Jarred, who I never get to see anymore because he moved to the Atlanta & got a big boy job. I then proceeded to run into another old friend from highschool & was reminded that our 10 year reunion is coming up. Pretty excited, not gonna lie.

Yesterday I stayed in bed literally until 4:30 pm, getting up only to eat pumpkin chocolate chip cake with cool whip on top. Yep, that's right. And maybe I washed a load of clothes or two in the mean time. But, I found this cool website where you can put your blog into book form and have it mailed to your house as a hard back book. Ofcourse I got sucked into that project and spent most of the day cropping pictures and playing with fonts. All the while I was cozied up next to my kitten who purrs far louder and more often than what I'm used to. And I love it. He also has the softest little tummy in the world and he lets me give him sweet kisses without any protest. I know I've spent far too many hours feeling his warm little paw pads and listening to him purr in my ear.

Another wonderful part of this break has been the chance to go to yoga every day at whatever time I want. Normally I have to squeeze it in at 6:00 am before work. Not this week! No waking up at 5:20 for me! I went last night and was introduced to some Mumford and Sons music during shavasana (rest time at the end). I'm hooked. Specifically the song Timshel.

Today was my second Thanksiving with mom's side of the family at our house. Lots of games were going on. For starters, the GA/GA Tech game was on TV, but I was obviously more concerned with the Scattegories board game we had going. Much more my speed.

Looking forward to church tomorrow....and then, as dad says, "back to the ol' grind."


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  1. That sounds like such a great Thanksgiving and you look so pretty as usual! I think we should have Thanksgiving twice a year - once in the fall like it is and once in the spring too.