Thursday, September 22, 2011

20 Questions

Allow me to paint a picture of the setting.

First grade classroom. 2:30pm. We've just eaten snack, teachers are exhausted. Now it's center time where the kids can play at different stations throughout the room. Children are scattered in noisy clusters, drawing, putting together legos, painting, playing on the computer, or.....fighting their dinosaurs and dragons and snakes. A very inquisitive 1st grade boy, dinosaur in hand, approaches a new visitor in our room. Resting up against my desk sits a 7th grade girl who is totally disinterested in life & sitting in our room for in- house suspension.

1st grade boy approaches 7th grade girl with his opening line...never fails: What's your name?

7th grade girl: <we'll call her Sally> Sally

boy: Why are you here?

girl: I'm in trouble

boy: What did you do?

girl: Got in trouble with my teacher

boy: What do you do when you get in trouble?

girl: I have to go to another classrooom

boy: Do you get in trouble at home?

girl: Sometimes...I guess..

boy:What do you do when you get in trouble at home?

girl: I go to my room..

boy: Do you get a spanking?


boy: Do you play with toys in your room?


boy: what kind of toys do you have?

girl: ...i don't know...

boy: where do you live?

girl: (tells address)

boy: Is that far away ?

girl: no, its right around the corner

boy: umm......(nervously looking around the room, searching for another question) What's your mom's name?

girl: Debbie

boy: What color is she?

girl: white....

Lights flick on and off & a teacher intervenes: "Time to clean up!" Poor girl was saved. This was just two minutes worth of his questions. On a more regular basis when there is no one new to interview, he mostly makes his rounds with one of the three teachers in the room asking "What are we gonna do next?" "Do we have a fire alarm today?" "Where are we gonna go?" As long as you answer, he will keep asking. Gotta love him.

So, how was your day at work? As drained as I am after every day, I still wouldn't trade it for the world!


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