Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Night TV

Guilty. I watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad religiously. My only saving grace is that I do not turn on my TV any other time of the week.

I am hopelessly wrapped up in the drama that goes on for these 2 hours of my life. Yes, I know it is completey staged and scripted, but I can't seem to peel myself away. The only part that I really have a hard time watching is when Kermie (aka Kasey) sings to his significant other. He sang last week to Vienna and it made me squirm. It was very...Boyz II Men meets William Hung. It brought back visions of Ali's season. Remember when he sang to her? I can't take it. Major second-hand embarrassment. Please make it stop! If you are a guy, thinking about serenading a girl, please reconsider. Unless you are Keith Urban.

For my fellow trash TV watchers...who do you think will win Bachelor Pad? I hope the next Bachelor for this season is Ben. He seemed normal. I think I would like him in real life :) I wonder how long before we find out that Ashley and JP are calling it quits?

Let's see who goes home tonight!

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