Sunday, January 12, 2014

30 Is The New 20

Let me start by saying, 30 is nothing like 20. I know myself so much better now & I've heard that the 30's are the best years of your life. So far, I believe it. Everyone around me made my birthday very special.

It started out with me finding a sweet birthday card and cookbook on my bathroom counter. The cookbook will go perfectly with my new Christmas presents such as: my Kitchen Aid Mixer & new juicer. Both of which are getting PLENTY of use.

At school, I was surprised with balloons that showed my age loud and proud. Good thing I'm happy about turning thirty. 

Also, thanks to so many of my old friends for sending me such meaningful messages. Even though we may not have the chance to talk on a regular basis, we can always pick up right where we left off. I consider myself blessed to be able to count my BEST friends on two hands. Each message helped me to remember who I am and they all made me feel very special. One of my favorite students wrote me a birthday letter that totally made my day. It included phrases such as: "you make the sun shine bright" He's adorable.

I ended the day with dinner at Tortugas with the fam & then a nice glass of wine at Tubby's to the tune of a local band called Tell Scarlett. 

Looking forward to whatever comes my way this decade! 

PS: This was my 30th b-day present from the man upstairs. A bright morning sky for the drive to work. 


  1. Um, sweetest student ever award to Dale. So blessed to know you & to be able to share your life through this blog. Happy birthday!

    1. Isn't he though?? Thanks Dani! Good to hear from you!