Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Re-Cap

Awesome, its the premier of The Train Wreck... I mean, The Bachelor with Juan Pablo and the sound on my TV is not working.  All I can hear is fuzz. If I don't get it to watch it tonight, nobody tell me what happens! I'll catch up later.

I know Christmas is over, but I wanted to re-live it one more time here before I forgot the good stuff. This year I went over the top with being festive. Not only was there decor in every nook and cranny of the house, but I also Pinterested "The 8 Dates of Christmas" and forced Josh to participate. He was a good sport up until the "baking Christmas goodies" date and then he drew the line. There may or may not have been tears on my end. The best date was when we went to The Sentient Bean (where we met for our 1st date ever) and had seasonal drinks. Well, I had hot apple cider...pretty sure he just had boring coffee.

At school we had an Ugly Christmas Sweater day. I had never been to an ugly sweater party before, so I was thrilled to go through my mom's closet and find something heinous for the occasion. She pulled through with this candy cane black velvet vest, complete with plaid trim and red satin ribbons. And this is me in the library at school pretending I'm not taking a selfie.

Another one of my favorite parts of Christmas at school is Secret Santa. I'm such a dork about that kind of thing. We drew names and I came out with our music teacher whose favorite store is Whole Foods (just like me). You can guess where all her gifts came from. 

For the first time in years, I finally got to pick out and take home MY VERY OWN Christmas tree. Here she is from beginning to end, in all her glory. I forgot how fragrant a real tree can be. There's nothing like it!

Finally, here are some of my favorite decorations from around the house. Until next year....Enjoy!

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