Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

My Internet is not working because Comcast can't handle this blizzard we are having, so I'm blogging on my iPhone right now. Please excuse any mistakes. Typing with a single thumb is a bit more time consuming.

No snow so far, but it's only 11 am. Either way, I'll take it! It's once in a blue moon that the city of Savannah shuts down due to harsh winter weather. I don't think we had a winter last year so I'm not complaining. I slept until 9:15 this morning and it was glorious. The older I get, the harder I sleep. Isn't that backwards? Again, I'll take it! If I had a working fireplace, you better believe I would be curled up beside it right now, but the next best thing is candles, so I lit every one I owned. It's not the same.

Last night I was feeling a little like a might be catching a cold (thanks Vicky) so I juiced it up this morning to kick my immune system into high gear. It ain't pretty but here is my medicine: bok choy, pineapple, strawberry, cucumber, mango, orange, lemon juice. I was afraid it might taste like it looks but I was mistaken. It was one of my favorite random combinations so far. Glad I wrote it down.

I also broke out my huckleberry chai tea that mom & dad brought back from Yellowstone last year. Little bit of a caffeine buzz going on right now.... This stuff is strong. My morning has consisted of sipping on this is my puppy dog slippers with the space heater at my feet. What did I ever do before I owned a space heater? In case you were wondering, this is how you can find me every morning. Within inches of warm heat. Even in the summer. I think I'm a reptile.

Since I'm home, I'm making this a day long blog post. A little bit along. It's now 1:40 and this is continuing to be the best snow day ever. Still in my pajamas, I've read a chapter of my book, hot tea in hand, and just now finished preparing stuffed peppers. They're in the crock pot so the house will soon start smelling of onions and garlic & my dinner will be ready at 5:30. I could use a weekly Wednesday off work.

4:00 and I've been in this cozy nook for the past  couple hours. Unless anything changes, I plan to stay  right here for the remainder of the night. I'm having a reading marathon since the Internet is out. This was good for me today! I might be able to start a new book before bedtime.

Since it was approaching 9:00 pm, I decided to do something productive like take a shower. I would give you more updates of the day but it would be a repeat of everything I've already mentioned. Oh, I did do some laundry... but who cares about laundry.

So here I sit, fresh and clean, thankful I had a safe and restful snow day. I know this was not the case for many. With that being said.....

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