Thursday, February 13, 2014


Well, February has not been the most stellar month so far. Three people who have impacted my life in one way or another passed away and the world has just seemed drab lately. I hate to be a complainer, but man....sometimes we are allowed to be a little gloomy.

Josh and I spent the weekend of February 1st in Orlando seeing a Broadway play called Once (based on the movie, if anyone has seen). Josh used to live there so he showed me around. We walked...a lot....and ever since we returned to Savannah, I have not gotten back into my groove and my amount of "tired" has increased exponentially. And that's saying something because I'm an old lady anyway.

My friend, Margaret, came in to visit from Atlanta last weekend and our entertainment consisted of going to a yoga class, dinner at Chipotle, a Redbox movie at my house, and a trip to Starbucks . She reminded me that she "could always count on me for a good time." That was sarcasm if you didn't pick up on it. I'm glad she's okay with keeping things low key!

The weather has been so up and down that we have pollen and ice at the same time. And...I have a terrible cold which has had me sneezing and hacking my way through the day, then living in fleece pants and an over sized sweatshirt when I get home. I even made cookies & milk for dinner two nights in a row. Nothing else seemed appetizing! Plus, it was recipe for "one-bowl-chocolate-chip-cookies" and it only makes 4! This way, there is minimal clean-up, I get to use my new Kitchen-aid, and the whole process only takes about 20 min from start to finish.  This is what happens when left to my own devices for dinner.

Valentine's Day is coming up tomorrow so I'm hoping to be completely out of my rut by then.

** I need to document our Orlando trip, so- be expecting it in the next post or so!

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