Thursday, January 16, 2014

Water Bottle 101

One of the best organization tips I've ever followed through with would have to be the cheap plastic shoe -organizer-turned-water bottle/travel mug/tervis tumbler- holder. I have a thing about wanting all the dishes in my cabinets to look orderly and in their own space. Before I used this easy trick, all of my "plastic-ware" would fall out of the cabinets and the tops would be mixed & matched and falling down in the back and sides of the cabinets where I would never find them. Now, all my drinking glasses are in their tidy row, while the odd shaped bottles and mugs have their own home as well.

Do yourself a favor and make this work for you. Since its not very heavy, I used command hooks to hold mine up so that I didn't have to poke holes in the wooden door. They seem be working out just fine. Mine is hung up on the inside of the pantry door. No one would even know it was there when the door is closed. This way, I can easily locate which ever drink holder I desire! Matching tops and all! It really does save lots of hassle. That's all I have for ya tonight. Short and sweet.

Obviously, courtesy of Pinterest.

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