Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unwrapping My Tuesday

I read a blog today (Chatting at the Sky) that inspired me to write about "Tuesday's Unwrapped." I'll go ahead and tell you straight up that I do not promise to make this a regular Tuesday night affair, but this Tuesday night it seemed fitting. This blogger urged her readers to write about the gifts they were given TODAY. Not this year, not this week, just this moment. Honestly, my head is spinning right now as I try to decide on just one.

 Maybe I'll write about all of it. What the heck.

1) Rising early for hot yoga is a gift I give myself quite often. I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:20 this morning because I'm addicted to that hot room where I can lay on my mat and sink into the floor, barely awake. I'm addicted to the China Gel that the teacher rubs on my lower back when I'm in child's pose.....it kinda feels like my back ate a peppermint. Tingly and fresh! I'm addicted to the space that is created in my spine and my relaxed muscles when I leave. I walked out in a trance...like I just got off a massage table.

2) A little girl in my class bought all the teachers in the room a present at the Secret Santa Shoppe at school today and couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to us. So sweet...her little face lit up when she fished that crumpled red, paper gift bag out of her backpack to give to me. Melts my heart.

3) I'm making reindeer cookies tonight. My excuse is to make them for the class, but deep down, its just because I wanted to eat huge little hunks of the cookie dough between batches.

4) Today I got paid for babysitting many long hours over the weekend. Amen. The cash makes up for the entire box of honey nut cheerios being dumped onto the living room floor 30 minutes after I got there. But, they're only 4 and 6.....it happens.

5) My best friend calling on the way home from work, just to chat. It feels good to be thought of on someone's ride home from a hectic day....that I am the one they want to call.....I am the one to catch the venting. And the silent moments don't have to be filled. Its comfortable and familiar. Its a gift.

Now tell me about your gifts from today!



  1. I love everything about this post! One of my best gifts today was that Clint came home from work early :) Spending time with him every day never gets old - the more time spent the better!

  2. I think I need to hear more about the hot yoga. I've been planning to start yoga because my back problems are AWFUL (and being a writer, I have to sit long hours in a chair...ugh.) so, I want to hear more and I want my back to eat a peppermint! :)