Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to Breathe

Let's revisit the true meaning of this blog, shall we? Happiness.

Well, the stars must've aligned today because it was one of those all-around good days. Allow me to blab about my "happies". I like to reflect. I also like lists.

1. First & foremost, Spring Break 2012 began at 3:45 today. Amen. I will not step foot on school grounds for a solid 10 days. I could stop writing here- that's it folks. That in itself is enough!

2. I therapeutically painted my $24 Goodwill TV stand into my very favorite color, Dill Pickle Green. Yes...more Dill Pickle. I have big plans for it...just bear with me.

AFTER (with the exception of new hardware)
3. Got my hands dirty planting some fresh dill in flower pots on my balcony. I now have sage, dill, basil, peppermint & chives growing. Let's see how long they live- the basil always gives me trouble.  Pointers, anyone? Whelan is a big fan of the peppermint growing on the windowsill. Keeping him out of that has been a real treat. Its like having a 2 year old. I can't turn my back or he's into something else.

4. An impromptu bathroom scrub. Deep cleaning doesn't happen for me until the mood strikes. This afternoon- it struck.

5. PowerYoga. Probably the best class ever. To all my fellow yogi's : Ever have one of those days when you feel like a supah-star? That was me tonight. I mean...I probably could've been on the cover of Yoga Journal holding Half-Moon. Or maybe Tree...with a back bend and no wobbles. THEN! As soon as we went into Shavasana- the bottom fell out. A beautiful heavy rain pounded on the roof while we all lay still on our mats. AND- Stephanie brought out the China Gel and gave neck rubs. Yeah, she did. Sorry you missed it.

6. Made my first batch of kale chips. I set myself up not to be impressed because of all the hype. Surely, they couldn't be as good as everyone raves that they are. Well, they are. Try them for yourself.

7. Lime Sherbet. The perfect ending to an almost perfect day.



  1. Ive been dying to make some kale chips & see if I can convince Lauren to eat them :) Your posts always makes me wish we were suite mates or living in Wells again.

  2. i know...I miss you. I'm so glad we can keep up this way though!

  3. Wow Caroline, truly the perfect day :) I'm INSANELY jealous of your yoga class - I know exactly how you feel, and Stephanie is the best! I love your Dill Pickle Green Goodwill redo. You're inspiring me!