Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day at Forsyth

Be warned- there was some weird stuff going on in the park today. I'm all about being green, but some people were taking it a bit far. Go ahead and make fun of me for celebrating Earth Day, but at least I didn't dress up like the family pictured below. 
(Maybe they were cast in a skit that I missed amongst all the other festivites. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt.)

Neither did I play my didgeridoo on a blanket like this guy. He was even selling CD's for $5 a piece. Do people buy them, I wonder?? Also, I want some of whatever he's smoking. He is one with Mother Earth. Check out the pink bike propped up on the tree. That's his vehicle for carrying this rather large instrument. Please take a listen to his have to. He really drew quite the crowd. The highlight if my afternoon for sure. 

So other than listen, stupefied, to didgeridoo man...all  I did was browse around all the tents and buy myself an Oatmeal Cranberry Pecan Cookie from the Thrive Cafe tent. That was as earthy as it got for me. I should probably start recycling or something so I'll fit in better at next year's Earth party. All around a beautiful day! 


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