Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Three lines you overheard today that were graces. I've gotta admit....today's Joy Dare was a little harder than the others. My ears were straining to overhear graces today, but the ones that graced me were more direct.

The first one I knew would be coming. Its an old standby, but today I was listening and hoping for it. I wanted to be sure that I could add it to my list. Sure enough, "Miss Wilson- you look beautiful today," from the mouth of a blond- haired, blue- eyed little boy in our class. I could roll out of bed and come to school wearing a trash bag and he'd still tell me I looked beautiful. I realized today that I've come to look forward to his routine compliment. Yes, it is a grace.

Second one came from my favorite yoga teacher, Stephanie. As I was preparing for yoga class tonight, she stopped me out of nowhere and said, "I've been meaning to tell you- I love seeing you here. It's just nice that you come all the time" I wanted to tell her that I come to class because I love it and I need it. Its not really negotiable. But instead I kind of got a little choked up to be quite honest!! And I think I said, "Thank you! That makes me feel good!" It didn't hit me until I was holding half-pigeon pose towards the end of class that I realized she had just given me another grace to add to my blog. They say those hip openers bring up all kinds of emotions. The stuff in your mind really starts to surface. And tonight it did!

And number three....I wish I had a number three. I'm thinking, hard. Not that this is a grace, but I did over hear my favorite airplane-loving 6 year old use the word "unfortunately" in perfect context today. Something along the lines of: "The space shuttle was about to take off, but unfortunately it's engine failed." That just made me smile. He has the vocabulary of a college professor and it catches me off guard every time. What a character he is.


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