Monday, March 5, 2012

Grocery Trip Gone Wrong (or right)

One Monday after work (and without a pre-grocery store snack) you may go to Fresh Market for something simple like, hmm....let's say 2 red pears and some fresh ground almond butter. 

You will remember that crackers for lunch were on your list. Before making it to the cracker aisle, you may swing by the deli where this "baba ganoosh" beckons you as a topping for your cracker.

Sweet Potato Tots?? Like the kind they serve in the cafeteria.....the kind that you always snag off the kids' plates because they never eat them....except fresh this time?? Yes please.

Oh, there are those olives! The stuffed kind. Like when you were babysitting the other night and you held back from eating one out of the parent's fridge because they looked too expensive to snack on? Indulge...

You will then remember the date coconut rolls that were your favorite dessert back when you did the Clean Diet. Surely they'll be just as good now that you're off the cleanse. Right?

Then you think better of it and throw in some semi- sweet chocolate chips in case the dates don't quite do the trick. You needed them anyway when you went to bake cookies over the weekend and realized there were none to be found. 

And just a small snack for the ride home. Maybe some....Pirate's Booty? 

Then you will get home and not want the healthy dinner you went to Fresh Market in order to prepare because you ate 3/4 of the bag of white cheddar rice puffs (aka: Pirate's Booty) on the ride home.

The End.

Sound familiar? Somebody please say yes.

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  1. Hahaha! I have a bad habit of getting myself a "treat" from the bakery while I'm grocery shopping, spoiling my original healthy intentions as well!