Saturday, March 17, 2012


In a matter of hours, I've gone from being completely adamant that I will not attend the St. Patricks Day parade tomorrow to trying on a few green outfits, specifically my new green pants, and thinking....I must go. It would be a sin to miss the festivities. I'm from Savannah for crying out loud. And I really love my new green pants. Plus, my Sally Hansen Grass Slippers nail polish would go to waste if I didn't join the masses. Iced Irish coffee struck me as a superb drink for the morning's events. A special trip to the grocery store was made. Ofcourse the Piggly Wiggly did not stock what I had in mind, so I improvised with a 4 pack of Frappacino's which will be mixed with a tid bit of rum for breakfast!

I drank a Frappaccino for dessert tonight (minus the rum). Not a good idea. Its now 1:45 AM and I've been zoned into Pinterest for the past....hour? Maybe more? and listening to Kilo Ali. "Some of y'all done lost y'all mind" Oh, highschool days, take me back!

Grama got a good dose of me running my mouth on the phone tonight. I think she would like for me to drink coffee more often so I'll tell her all the stories from the day that flit through my mind.

On my caffeine high, I chased Whelan around the room trying to get a good Erin Go Bragh picture. This was the best I could do. That sucker is fast and he doesn't like the ribbon.

If you're gonna be at the parade tomorrow- I hope to see you down there! Amongst the millions.

- Caroline

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