Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here it is already the 16th of February and I've yet to post anything this month. For shame! February is one of those weird in between months. The newness of the new year has worn off, the yoga classes are thinning out again as all the new years resolutions die off, we're getting cabin fever and ready for the warm sun and green grass. I talk like Savannah has such a harsh winter...ha! Short sleeves and flip flops have been the norm since January of this year. We don't know what to do if it drops below 50 around here.

In other news, there is a book I want to read called One Thousand Gifts. If you've read it, let me know your thoughts. Its about living fully, right where you are. From the book comes an idea called: Joy Dare,  probably closely related to The Love Dare for those of you who are familiar with the book. Or the movie based on the book, Fire Proof. (Cheesy? Yes....but an uplifting movie. If you can get past Kirk Cameron's acting.) Anyway, I decided it might be fun to use the Joy Dare as a bit of a theme if you will. Each day of the month comes with a different "dare." Not a dare like: eat a spoonful of mayo without gagging, but a dare like: What are 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for?


1) As the ladies at Crystal Nail say, "You have strong nail"  Singular. So, I have good nails. You'd like them to if you wanted a back scratch. They're pretty much impossible to break and they have a nice shape if I take care of them. I didn't realize that was such a good thing until I got older and everyone else I knew was paying 30 bucks for the fake ones.

2) Singledom. I'm not saying I want it to be this way forever, but at this point in my life, its a gift. For example: I don't have to consider a man's meat & potatoes palate when I am on my strange vegan crazes. I don't have to listen to football on TV. The list goes on....

3) No allergies. I'm serious. I feel really sorry for the people who get stuffy and headachey and sneezy with the pollen. Or people who get red and puffy with hives from seafood. My life would be less enjoyable if my cat made me wheeze. What if I had sensitive skin and couldn't wash with smelly-good soaps?

These are just a few things for which I am grateful. Care to share yours??

More Joy Dares to come!


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though  everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

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  1. I've heard good things about that book but haven't read it yet myself. It's on the list though! I'm grateful for: 1. The health of my body, that I was able to carry and birth our beautiful baby girl, especially because I know so many people who are struggling with infertility; 2. A love of good food. Sounds silly, but I feel bad for people who are picky eaters and therefore can't enjoy all there is to enjoy foodwise!; 3. I'm with you on the no allergies thing!