Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Day I Got My Nose Pierced

Much to the chagrin of my mother and grandmother, I had a hole poked through my nose. You see, I've been thinking about doing this for awhile. By awhile, I mean over a year. I'm not sure what prompted me to desire a nose piercing, but something sparked it and I think they are just the right amount of spice. I needed a little something. As one of my friend's said, "Is this because you're almost 30?"

I've had the stick-ons from Claire's since last summer. I would test them out when I was feeling sassy & I always got good feedback. I guess I started feeling sassy on the regular so I decided to go for the real deal.

Only two things were holding me back. A) The impending sense of dread over how much I knew it was going to hurt to have a needle stuck through my nose while being fully awake and un-numbed. B) The fact that I may have to take it out as soon as I go back to work in a month and then I'd probably have a scar....all for nothing.

So this is how it all went down. My favorite sister drove me all over town the week before to check out different places. The first place I went did not impress me. Dirty. Ditsy. Dark. The second place was better than the first but I felt like the girl I talked to wasn't chipper enough. Cathlin quickly informed me that most people who do tattoos and piercings for a living are not the bubbly type. This girl was cool, calm, collected. Pretty nonchalant about the whole deal. I suppose she does this all day long and I was just another customer. To me, it was a big deal. I am a clean slate. No tattoos...nothing but my ears pierced (if it counts, I did have a second hole in my ears back in middle school but those have long since closed up). Basically, I'm a virgin customer.

Since I was flat broke that day, I excitedly told the girl I would be back Monday once my paycheck rolled in and we would go through with it. I don't think she cared.

On Monday, once again, Cathlin drove me to the piercing place and I started filling out the paper work.  Adelle (my roomie) came as well to hold my hand and video the whole thing just like I did with her when she got her first tattoo. Just when I had worked up enough courage, the girl turned me away because I hadn't eaten in the past 4 hours prior to the piercing and she said she didn't want to pick me up off the floor in case I passed out. Understandable, but I hoped that I would have the courage to go back after being so close and then not going through with it. She told me to eat something with lots of carbs. So, Byrd Cookie to the rescue. I had a huge pimiento cheese appetizer with loads of crusty bread and a catfish sandwich with fries! Just following orders.....

So, fast forward and before I know it I'm sitting in the white chair with a cork up my nose waiting for her to shove the needle through. Much to my relief, it did not hurt at all!! I mean, really- not at all. I was so surprised. Maybe it was my adrenaline pumping or the fact that I had worked myself up to think that it was going to be awful, but I was shocked at the amount of painlessness!

My first fear (A) was conquered. Not sure about B yet (the having to take it out for school thing). I'm hoping to put in a much tinier stud for my return to work. For now, I just have in the same jewelry they used to pierce it, which is a tad bit bigger than I would normally choose. My mom reminds me of that every time she sees me. "I would like it if it were SMALLER."

And that's my story! I like it. Glad I did it.

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