Friday, June 8, 2012

Last of the 1st

180 days of first grade are officially done. I thought it would only be fitting to do a "Last of the 1st" to balance out my "1st of the First" post from day one. So, please enjoy a picture recap of my last day, as I sit in my bed and eat Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Squares with Caramel Filling- thank you Libby.

Goodbye to neon yellow bulletin board paper backgrounds. My eyes will not miss you.

Note the 2 happiest things about the calendar today: A) Friday B) Last Day of School

Today the Green Communication Folders will communicate to the parents that they can keep their kids all summer long.

 These shoes will no longer run up to me tattling about who was mean on the playground.

The mess that is their cubbies.

No day would be complete without a full construction and deconstruction of Lego R.M.S. Titanic

A very illegitimate game of Checkers...but who's counting...

If you ever visited our classroom, you understand the importance of the 45 minute and 3 minute interval system. I will forever hear timers ringing in my head.

Cue chorus: "Schoooooool's- out- for- the -summer!" 

My plans for the summer include: as many Pinterest projects as money will allow, naps, trying new recipes, lunch dates with friends, sun, and yoga.


Sidenote: My favorite bulletin board of the year (never mind that its summer time now....spring and summer blend nicely)

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