Thursday, May 31, 2012

All the Days

I got a note today from a sweet little Hispanic first grader in our class. Her family speaks Spanish at home, so school is the main time for her to use English. I love her little Speedy Gonzalez accent and watching her compensate for what she doesn't know. Its usually something like.... "I can go to you -say.... <thinking, as she tilts her head to the side, squints her eyes, and grins> de libary?"

Sometimes after lunch, we let the kids read a book out loud to the class. The other day, she read the Dr. Seuss book, Are You My Mother? It sounded something like this:  "Den de cow said, 'Are YOU my mudder?'" She also likes to tell us about her little "brudder." It's cute, really, it is.

I helped out in her class last year in Kindergarten. We would ask the children for their lunch choice and they were to respond either "home lunch" or "school lunch." Her response was my favorite. A combo of  the word school in Spanish (Escuela) and the word school in English. It came out as "Eh-school lunch."

Here is the note I got from her today:

"All the days, you are pretty!" 

It clearly means, "I think you look pretty every day," but her wording is so much better. I'm glad she's in our class, all the days.


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