Sunday, September 9, 2012


"He works on us in all sorts of ways. But above all, he works on us through each other."
-C.S. Lewis

Funny how the worst days can sometimes turn into the best days. My Sunday routine was thrown off a little this morning, but somehow my day has morphed into something beautiful.

After church this morning I went to visit my family. I use the term visit lightly because they only live 15 minutes away. I should go see them a whole lot more than I do, but life gets in the way and I admittedly take them for granted.  Today was extra special because everyone was home. Mom, dad, Cath, even my grandparents were there from SC. Its these days that I need to savor because I know we won't all be able to be together forever. But for today, we were & it was just what I needed. We watched golf and napped on the couch and mom served me slaw dogs and Brunswick stew...still on the couch. Grama brought me some surprises including a case of cat food from Sam's and some treats for my kids at school. (Don't worry, the cat food was for Whelan). Cathlin tied a string around my toe as a reminder. She says its to remind me that she loves me. Ha.

Cath and I practiced our yoga head stands in the living room and my string fell off. But I still remember :) After some living room yoga we decided that we'd go to an actual class at the studio. I think as a blessing in disguise, the studio was unexpectedly closed. At that moment, the idea of backyard yoga was born. It may have been the most perfect place ever. See for yourself.....

Now the sun is going down and I'm feeling content and peaceful. My Sunday has turned into what a Sunday should be. A day of rest and fulfillment. I even got to talk to two of my best friends from out of town on the phone today. More often than not, our schedules don't align to talk more than 5 minutes. But today, it seemed like time stood still for awhile and we got to really connect without rushing. Jenna and Kendall- I wish you both lived closer.

And...this song has been on repeat since I heard it at church this morning. All Son & Daughters- All The Poor & Powerless.

- Caroline

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